Shanghai to promote the quality of love keyword optimization techniques

with the development of the Internet age, personal websites, business website in search engines emerge in an endless stream, want to have a good ranking is not so easy. Today, many companies choose to love Shanghai, and in Shanghai on love keywords, the keywords quality is a very important concept. With the love of Shanghai phoenix nest repeatedly to upgrade the quality of the quality, degree of importance in daily account on more and more. Today, we take this opportunity to share with you my summary, hope that we can help

preferred, to optimize the structure of accounts, optimize the account structure is not only conducive to the account management and operation, is beneficial to improve the quality of the degree is also very. According to the different marketing objectives need to be established separately promotion plan and promotion of specific elements, it is easy to optimize analysis and account follow-up data; account structure optimization, try to structure the same words with similar meanings and divided into a promotion group, so as to better promote according to groups of keywords to refine ideas, and the corresponding nested. Google and optimizing the structure of the standard gold account in each ad law "set of keywords in 5-15 between each ad group all keywords should share the same root" starting point is the same. The quality of love in Shanghai after the upgrade, key account structure affects on the quality of the more prominent.


second, to optimize the creative, creativity is a link entrance users search and promotion pages, high quality creative, better dissemination of product information, enhance brand awareness, improve the click rate, is essential for the quality of the promotion effect of account. Quality mainly through 4 aspects: to ensure that key adjustment gains across the board, improve the relevance, outstanding user interests and ensure the smooth degree of creative (this last point personally believe that the impact is not big). Add a shortcut key nesting is to improve the click rate, increase the nesting is to ensure the large keyword recording, this operation is currently the most effective proof to improve the quality of office.

preferred, in order to optimize the key quality, must make clear what is quality, quality is the system according to the degree of the keyword hits, creative writing quality and performance (account account into other key words time, account of the hit rate) calculated from other factors, presented in quality grade in the form of accounts, with 3 star said gradient, 3 star said good, 1 stars and 2 stars is that bad, said a good initial value.

then, we need to understand what are the benefits of high quality. For advertisers: can obtain better rankings with lower click price, thereby reducing the overall cost of the promotion, improve the rate of return on investment. At the same time, improve the quality of the degree, the advertisement may jump left, increase the click rate. For users search: users search more interested, more people click, visitors experience better, the higher the degree of quality; to improve the user experience of help.

understand the above introduction, here and share with you about the quality of the optimization techniques of

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