On site within the chain anchor text optimization techniques

third, anchor text links because of their meaning, so do not be able to use the home as a jump. For the webmaster, naturally want their website home page to get a higher ranking, so many pages will be set within the chain corresponding to the home page, and then. Some owners in order to increase the weight of keywords, keywords will be set to the anchor text, then jump to the home page. In earlier years, this approach can produce.

so in the chain optimization based on more and more difficult to continue, the webmaster will begin to optimize the level of some energy on the chain, because the chain optimization has the typical advantages of my site I call the shots, so long as to certain methods and techniques, can be a very good development in the chain optimization. Optimization techniques following the analysis of the anchor text links some of the chain optimization.

with the development of the intelligent search engine technology, the importance of the site within the chain began to become increasingly significant. In a few years ago, the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization is the core of the chain, then there is a famous saying that "industry, content is king, the chain for the emperor". We think that year outside the chain of hot degree.

but the passage of time, the content is still continuing, the importance of the chain is still high enough, but now for many webmaster, want to do well in the chain optimization is very difficult, because of the need to involve the correlation, readability and high quality of the demand. If is grassroots is obviously difficult to have such great effort to optimize the internal chain optimization can enhance the spider crawling efficiency better, so it can produce excellent optimization effect.

second, can not arbitrarily increase the number of anchor text links. Many owners are still piled up in the past thinking optimization keywords, that will set the anchor text keywords, and as much as possible set, can have a good optimization effect. But now this kind of optimization has been clear in cheating, and some search engines will be punished. So the number of anchor text links must be controlled in less than three, generally not more than three. But in the same article also don’t use the same keywords as anchor text, but with a long tail keywords as anchor text, so it can avoid keyword stuffing of the suspects, but also to more users to make better guidelines.

first, the anchor text connection location is the key. Because the chain optimization is the webmaster can self control, so in the process of optimization often appears haphazard phenomenon, especially the anchor text link, can be said to want to put in place "was put in place. Even widely put in some navigation page, or footer. This placement will actually let the spider constantly on the run on your website, because will continue to jump out of the navigation page into your anchor text links page, so it will seriously affect the efficiency of the spider crawling. The position of the anchor text links, must as far as possible on the content page, but also placed scattered. And can produce a guide to the reader.

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