Love Shanghai know question and answer skill analysis and summary finishing

first to know and analyze the love of Shanghai know:

reference frame: to provide reference to the place quiz, usually put links or data sources, the second position of brand marketing.

insert map: according to the marketing needs of enterprises, and then decide the necessity of using the

browse the number of visitors: PV important index shows;

headquarters; >

network marketing is undoubtedly the preferred search engines love Shanghai is the largest search engine platform, is one of the hundreds of millions of users for the use of search tools, search engine marketing is a hotly contested spot. Love Shanghai’s products — love Shanghai know the interactive platform of the most massive, ask the platform weight show in Shanghai love engine home premier, its free, interactive, communication and let the industry see spring master SEM. Therefore, the love of Shanghai know, achieve considerable marketing purposes through the search engine, has become a topic of study. The guards fell in love with malicious and broaden the defense to explore together the search engine marketing — know love Shanghai.

No matter what is ;

love Shanghai know — four framework:

content box answer place on the issue, but also the position of the main brand exposure, the first pass mouth marketing;

title box: describe the problem using the language is concise and to the point where is SEM

classification: different answers, released in the corresponding attribute classification, follow the rules of the game, SEM flexible follow best;

button: anonymous hide personal privacy protection ID, Q, SEM usually according to the flexible use of


Shanghai – eight knows love auxiliary function:

supplementary box: a detailed description of the problem, the second battlefield SEM;

love Shanghai know: eight four frame and auxiliary function

map function;

reward settings: increase a reward points, attract more users attention questions, often do not use SEM, but is also of concern;

any product platform and the first thing we should do is to first understand, be familiar with the structure and rules of it, for which we use advertising and laying position, only in this way can we ease in the post marketing activities. Want to use love Shanghai know the immediate effect of network marketing, you must first understand the love of Shanghai know. We would like to know the search engine marketing help information, targeted to understand the function of other more specific, more detailed tutorial in Shanghai know love love Shanghai’s official website has detailed instructions.

insert picture: over two users can use the function of system audit system is relatively sensitive, easy to moderate use;

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