Rookie webmaster comparison Ali mom and GG pros and consAlliance platform of good faith construction

is more than a little bird’s personal views, hoping to get more discussions and advice,

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three is from the beginning of the line, Ali mother advocate good faith trading environment, and has been trying to shape and maintain the integrity of the atmosphere, this new platform, so gathered a large number of good faith webmaster. The webmaster obviously realized that Ali mother brings many benefits, all take Ali mother as oneself >

why the webmaster will choose Ali mother’s community to release this activity? The author analyzes, generally has the following aspects of the reasons.

, first, Ali mother’s position in the rivers and lakes has attracted many buyers and sellers. Allegedly, Ali mother has become a flow of the vegetable market, although its on-line time only more than three months, but the ranking rose straight, seems to have become China’s first network alliance. On Ali’s mother’s platform, the volume of transactions produced every day is far from comparable to that of other small leagues.

Beijing has a lot of food market, every day there are various greengrocer here and customers free trading, so the market is also commonly known as the free market. The stall frequented neighborhood aunt know, the first time to a new vendor to buy food, a home must have said, to prevent the hawkers in said gimmicks Quejinduanliang thing happened. If a vendor is secretly like aunt found, soon all the aunt who are not patronize the stalls, after all available and there are a lot of market stalls. Of course, the most disadvantage, or other vendors in the market, because a rat droppings stirred a pot of soup. The integrity of a hawker affects the integrity of the market as a whole.

first statement, I’m just a beginner, is not master or senior or master station network marketing, but through nearly a year AD career, or a slight experience, so write out and everyone together to discuss and share, and hope to get your advice.

so that to other ads, such as the first video, Ali mother, do not know to do a really useful, especially the first video, a relatively stable income, but also a little higher than the other. Ali mother, mother hung for nearly half a month, no one cares, thousands of people access costs are below 2 yuan. Do not know why, or no one to buy!

it is understood that a campaign to advocate good faith signature campaign is currently hot Ali mother forum. Sponsors call for personal webmaster commitment, to ensure that their station does not cheat, fair notarization transactions, so that sellers sell happy, so that buyers buy assured, we work together to safeguard group income. The signature in the name of the individual webmaster is spontaneous organization of users, and get support beyond the imagination of Ali’s mother. The stationmaster warmly replies, and soon replies more than three pages. Seller’s actions fully demonstrate the commitment of everyone to maintain the credibility of the platform.

two is Ali mother owns popular favorite users of Alipay, its system after several years of market tests, with integrity protection, reputation, is the most assured of payment on both sides trading tools.

in the current situation, the side dishes, I think the flow of 50 thousand of the site for Ali mother’s advertising, and less than fifty thousand suitable for GG or other advertising. In the meantime, if you say what the technical aspects, I can not say a 123, but with a practice come out of the conclusion, previously my website http://s.lj5x IP below 50 thousand, do is GG, earned a small sum. But after the GG reform, really depressed, one day 2 knives are not, this makes me anxious, originally planned to work toward professional webmaster development, so that not all gone,

Forum http://s.lj5x/bbs will later cooperate with the banner of network, and soon got the responsibility of the banner of network editing, the amount of the recommended articles, if no problem, January I can do for the senior League and moderators, site visits will be better. Now since with banner cooperation, IP has more than 50 thousand, it is in this exciting occasion, mother ad phases all sold out, thousands of people now visit the cost even higher than five yuan, or there are people who sell very good returns.

so I will feel this dish, flow, mom’s advertising easy to sell, if the flow is small, even if you are cabbage prices, people will not put money on you. Sure, did mom are clear, the whole frame of a basket of cabbage price advertising innumerable, can sell or IP large station wouldn’t exist, not for the best optimization of the GG, one day to tempt a few, are much stronger than the mother.

it can be seen that the quality of the market environment affects the size of the transaction, and the individual behavior of the hawker determines the amount of the income directly. Vegetable market is so, do website alliance is same reason. If because individual Adsense engage in click fraud and influence buyers groups on the network trading platform of confidence, buyers have left, and ultimately suffer or platform integrity seller. Cheating in traffic has always been a chronic disease in individual small leagues, and a major obstacle to the increase of income for honest owners. This problem is not a single webmaster can completely solve, must rely on a fair and fair trading environment. As a platform itself, there are also obligations and responsibilities for maintenance.

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