How to optimize the matching content title search engine



We all know that

users search for a keyword, completely, is the natural ranking in the front, if there are several match exactly is according to the different weight in ranking, see figure

related content for the user search keywords, the search engine will naturally give super fuzzy page information, through the above we can see there is no a search word information, this is perhaps the search engine does not understand what information the user wants to tell the user, through the fuzzy matching method, the hope can the more accurate search accurate keywords. Of course, if you want to optimize the webmaster in the page title can have a little bit of weight, but also can obtain the good ranking method is high enough, need a website with >

results on a user searches for a keyword in the search engine are not the same, and now is the search engine of the rankings show also joined the area of the property, such as your search keywords associated with Guangdong in Guangdong, the show is not the same with Wuhan in the search results, the author not tested, because not to Wuhan search again. This is only for some areas of the nature of the site. For other sites is careless. Today I talk about how to use the matching optimization content title:

is perfectly matched with the word search results, so we can know the search engine gives the basic method of ranking, many webmaster in the optimization of the page title, are often written in accordance with their wishes, and some collected even the title will not change, if you think the author used the title very much in line with the user search words, then I have no objection, but a lot of the title is to attract eyeball, and completely matched with the user search opportunity is few, so this page even included can get traffic? Unless it is the website itself with the flow, and this page is optimized for the long tail keywords no effect. Cause you know.




on this map is a height matching effect, if a user searches for a keyword, the search engine database does not exist completely matched with the information, naturally go back to the times, using the method of height, ask whether information with the results about the user you want. So the webmaster in optimize content title, not completely clear user search keywords, you can search keywords high through appropriate interludes in the title, in order to achieve can achieve their web pages ranked by search results, the effect of height. Of course, for the high rank well also need the site right important very high, after all, different weight matching degree is not completely, this page is to get good rankings.

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