My secret room network keywords layout inside

When I took over the

property page layout

we first analyze why the word "Four Seasons Spring City" on the front? Because it is beneficial to focus, enhance the weight of keywords. Behind that why the Shanghai South China Sea mouth? Here consider 2 factors: one factor is that many customers will search "Hainan four seasons spring city" or "Haikou four city", another factor is some real name more than Hainan, such as Shijiazhuang four seasons spring. So we can not only repeatedly stressed this layout keywords, but also let potential customers search Hainan, Haikou + real name, find us. Step back and say: like the seasons Chuncheon this name, many provinces have, we add in the real estate area is more in line with the user experience. We said before the search for potential customers to the real name of the highest turnover intention. They search for real estate is nothing more than to understand the real estate prices, apartment layout etc.. So we can attract more hits in the title above, plus the price, apartment layout evaluation etc.. Of course, but also conducive to the search engine ranking. Such as: "Hainan Four Seasons Spring City real estate prices" such words. The real description of the problem, we show the data of real estate prices, the construction area is to let the customer see we really provide data. This is the most attractive.

I wrote an article on the Keywords:

website keyword analysis and choice of the four standards, we do not know how much and how much by understanding. Now I analyze when I worked my room network, the layout of the site keywords inside. I hope you can understand and use the method, or even draw results.

finally determine the site optimization direction is divided into three points: the 1. properties page optimization [such as: Emerald City 2.] Shuicheng keywords optimization such as: Sanya real estate [3.] the main keywords such as: Hainan real estate network optimization [].


housing network, I am not in a hurry to do a website optimization, but with a week’s time analysis of the structure of the website and website optimization direction. Study on the website optimization need to fully understand the direction of optimization of the focus of the website and the website’s intention of potential customers.

why I have the real estate website page optimization in the first place? Because the property page to potential customers purchase intention the highest. Don’t know the people responsible for each of the Hainan real estate website noticed: website main keywords bring customer intention is generally want to know Hainan local purchase policy or real estate development trends, this type of keywords is mainly focused on brand marketing. Keywords city bring customer intention is generally pay attention to a city house price or selling new real estate etc.. Keywords real estate and real estate [name] to bring customers more intent is to understand the real estate price, location, traffic to wait for this type of problem, so the key words bring turnover rate is the highest, the focus is mainly on the website optimization.

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