Updated 2012 nobility baby algorithms improved algorithm Panda date detection

news website, is a good news, because the content is new, the ranking in the search results more easily in front. Noble baby when last November announced that the sorting algorithm for some minor updates, the new content ranked in the former in search results. In January this year it again, the algorithm is improved. Chinese IT guest to remind the webmaster, often update site, so as to get good rankings.

update 贵族宝贝cnitke贵族宝贝/2012/02/07/2012 since January the noble baby algorithm: improved panda algorithm to increase the inspection date /

The date of detection of

is the new content in the search results before

automatic filling mainly is to improve the speed and performance of the noble baby now provides faster query prediction and spelling error correction function.

Panda update

previously, noble baby presents a concept called "Pipelines". The Panda algorithm the Panda algorithm and Pipelines combine. Noble baby algorithm engineer said, "we have improved the Panda system, and we can make it for indexing and ranking system better, at the same time into our pipelines". It sounds Panda system will be more stringent than before, China IT believes that the past year has been to Panda system update the result is right down the website webmaster, is a bad news. The contents of factories, acquisition sites, the baby will be more noble waving sticks heavy.

improves the detection of noble baby "date, the noble baby can better distinguish between the new page, which page a little old. This means that the search will be able to see the "newer, more real-time search results, especially those pages on current affairs". This function is improved in order to meet the new content in the search results before the row "algorithm.

The original link: The

automatic filling

said it will decide the noble baby, press into the search results page, which will make the noble baby is more sensitive to the real-time trend appears. China IT guest that the noble baby update biggest change lies in the improvement of the ranking algorithm of search results, makes a new "relatively old web pages can get better rankings. This website to encourage real-time updates, to provide fresh and useful content to visitors, has a very positive effect.


The new

IT China guest /2012 reported in February 7th in 2012, the noble baby routine search ranking algorithm is updated monthly in January this year, the update contains some interesting things:

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