Those who need to take care of the non flow data read it is the key

a site to get traffic from Shanghai dragon’s point of view, then you need to let more of the web page is search engine included. So a lot of Shanghai dragon team work to be done is to let the search engine and index more web page. Aiming at this problem, small to talk about those who need webmaster friends who care about the data included

1, included in the page need to pay attention to

! ?

can not understand a lot of Shanghai Longfeng enterprises mister, only the final flow is what they need, as a professional Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, only focus on the so-called final flow rate on the line? Anyway, Xiao Bian did not think so, such as small new maintenance site — Ten thousand steeds gallop. talent Boss library does require flow to increase, but this time the small need to focus on is not so, maybe some beginners ask not to pay attention to traffic, it should pay attention to what


said this, you do not know the new Shanghai Longfeng wood Er thought, flow in the end through what way into our site? Blogs, forums, media platforms and so on, but everyone seems to have overlooked the most important part, it is the search engine. Whether new or old station, every day, from the search engine in the user basically occupy a large proportion, so as Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, Xiao Bian also need to pay attention to those from the non search engine traffic data. A lot of research rankings better large site, Xiao Bian found that as long as the site keywords you enough, a single keyword ranking enough before, then the flow is simply not too worried about the problem. So that novice Shanghai dragon er who was the first to take on the non flow data to the site of the

(2) features page included also to clarify the


normally, with "site" command to check the total number of sites included, if you know the total pages of the web site, then a simple proportion can count out included. If your site is a good optimization results, then included the proportion reached seventy or eighty per cent for good, but many sites are not up to this result. Although the total amount of included many query method, can small series suggest that you use a query method, although may result is not very accurate, but also do not appear errors of different query methods under the comparison of the data generated.

! the total page number included


site classification page of each enterprise will be a part of a character or a typical page, or the page products, some of the typical page, as a webmaster, always check whether the page is included in these characteristics can not be ignored work. In the choice of the so-called typical page, it is necessary to take into account the classification as much as possible, but also take into account the different time of release of the product, so that the collection >

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