The website of Shanghai dragon in search results matters needing attention


what is the search results match? Is very simple, we put it into a complete match and partial match. So what is the match? Let’s take an example, love haisou "what" is the Shanghai dragon, there is red word match results.

descriptions, the omission of some important words, not in the set, this time we will consider 2 issues, first, we will.

when we search for "love Shanghai, love Shanghai know know description is a description of the page, so the search engine will directly call the Shanghai love description, but if the direct search for love Shanghai know the URL, then do not appear to know the official description of the love sea, here is our search keywords this site is the site, but also love Shanghai know the URL, so there will be love Shanghai know, and this is the only path. Why the bottom of the website, we open the snapshot, will find Baidu keywords and search on the site at the bottom of the results of the match, and we search site which contains love Shanghai keyword Pinyin, so love Shanghai were related keywords.

let’s look at so perfectly matched contact and the existence of a partial match between. Many times we title without this keyword, but only contain the keywords in the content, this page will also rank. This is because the search engine keyword extraction according to the contents of the website to intelligence, we can often see the snapshot description and not the same.

From the


not all of the site is the case, when the search results are not fully matched, then there will be a positive match, that is to say there will be time to grab the search words from the text. We love what kind of search keywords, Shanghai will match what. Like we wear, we see what kind of person, what kind of occasion, is not the same, what kind of clothes to wear when it comes to this, I believe many of my friends have already understood the relationship. Sometimes we have ranking, but the description is not the same, because we describe no matching, in this case, Shanghai will not love the original description.

To consider the overall

website optimization standard, complete matching is better than partial match. The other assumptions of our website and the competitor’s website exactly the same, so who is perfectly matched, whose ranking will be good. Why do some match ranking is lower than the partial match? The reason is very simple, there are many factors that affect the keywords ranking, matching principle is just one of them, even in this principle, you and other sites are different, but still want to put the factors of each one are good, your ranking will come up, beyond the ranking often lies in the details.

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