Website optimization is not enough to just insist on careful enough


Shanghai Longfeng work includes the title, keywords, description of change site settings of the modification, add pictures alt attribute, the establishment of H1 theme label, site map, add love Shanghai statistics, 301, 404 redirect page setup, URL pseudo static, delete, check chain layout, layout and chain website keyword density etc..

many owners in order to cope with the crawler crawl, automatically publish articles using the website program’s function, achieve certain rules, this is also possible.

visible, Shanghai dragon is still occupy the leading position of the extension service, it is the users who are most interested in the search, but also the most potential commercial value of the service means.

some small issues still need attention, such as code to try to simplify the code format, do not use multiple paths leading to apply, the level is too deep, so the search engines crawl the web is not friendly.

The Shanghai dragon But the contents of the original

no matter what marketing is always can not escape the content quality. The role of search engines is the most excellent content to show to the customer, and high quality content can not only quickly by the crawler to crawl, can also enhance the user experience, also can bring a lot of traffic.

according to the survey, 87% of Internet users will use search engines to find the required information service, which has nearly 70% of the search will search directly on the first page of the natural ranking search results of the information they need.

is the fancy of many enterprises, low price, high stability, not subject to peer traffic attack advantage, this is the biggest advantage of Shanghai dragon.


also, risk and cost is a coexistence of >



from the Internet

website optimization, website first to give a system of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, optimization of current inspection site to find the corresponding optimization scheme, and effective.

website optimization is also known as the Shanghai dragon, refers to the basis of natural ranking mechanism in the search engine, adjust and optimize the internal and external of the site and improve the natural ranking web site in the search engine keywords, get to show more volume, attract more targeted customers to visit the site, so as to achieve Internet marketing and brand building the target.

, while important, should pay attention not to the original and the original subject, suits the needs of your site, from the theme of the site content, search engine is not love.

was linked to the black chain, jump, garbage page, will be promptly removed, and repair website vulnerabilities, cleared the chain in Shanghai love remember to submit this webmaster tools, process good wait for love Shanghai to restore your website.

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