Find and link exchange standard judgment method on the Links

as a webmaster, we in to the site to do at the same time also to the optimization of the site outside the station outside the station optimization optimization, is to the site to do the chain, there are many, including the way of the chain such as library, forum, blog, classification of information, text, Links etc.. Now talk about the Links, Links is A site links to B site, B site links to A sites, and must be able to locate the site of the name and address of the website source code, this link is only effective. Why do Links, simply Links benefits both to their site visits, also can make the search engine more included your site ", let the search engine included more web sites, but also to improve the effective way of website visits. Links is the search engine ranking is one of the important factors to consider. That is to say, the more the number of links, it the higher level. Of course, increasing of popularity and ranking Links. With the high quality website Links number is also an important factor in the search engine ranking.

The web site, see the home is in.

2, looking to join the Links forum platform, such as go9go, head of the forum, a forum and so on. There are many website registration information platform Links this forum, some can also display the website snapshot date, PR value, QQ and other information collected, contact. Here you can put your registration website information, then you can find the same type of website, or look at others to release information, find the right Links. This way may indeed speed slower than the first method.

2. website PR value, PR value of love in Shanghai is not very obvious, but can still be used as a reference factor.

1. to view the website included the number and whether your site included almost, included the number of better.

1, looking for Links QQ group, looking for group and join the group, they can release Links looking for information, or users see the messages, you can quickly find the right Links. This method has the advantage of fast speed, instant communication.


website has divided the old and new web site, the old site can quickly find Links, the new site would not necessarily, not willing to webmasters and new sites to exchange Links, because the new site can bring benefits to their own website, there is no new website ranking, and refused to the new website exchange Links, but new webmaster can through the following two methods to find, but also can find. Each method has its own advantages, the webmaster can according to their actual situation to use.

is currently using these two methods, the effect is good. When we find a suitable site, but also from the aspects of the website to determine whether or not to exchange with each other, we can only see from the following points.



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