Effect of new column open 2 level domain name on the site included

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said so much, so what impact? I can responsibly say "love", for Shanghai it will extend the assessment of your site and included even weight, while for Google did not affect what! And in the love of Shanghai Shanghai dragon optimization suggestions were also mentioned, do not know please note: No, in your column content is not rich to become an independent site of the 2 level directory using the website included more

with two level domain name in the end of the column included the influence degree how? I’ll tell you the truth down, here I have a in the optimization of the site! Is a new station, all columns using the 2 domain names, Google included normal love Shanghai more than a month no only included! A front page snapshot! You think, for some webmaster website for more than a month are not included in any page, and the site itself is high quality content that the more anxious ah! I also in some forums often see this kind of questions not included in the page, including some columns with two the new domain name! After I made a preliminary analysis on this site is determined because the content is not abundant enough and the use of the column two domain causes assessment extended or not included on the website! I immediately revised, canceled Column two level domain name, if the day It is as expected, included! After the cancellation of the two level domain within half an hour with 10 pages of content included

column two level domain name today is the second day, only one page to cancel the domain before! Cancel within half an hour of 10 new articles included the inside pages, then the new information is realized within half an hour included, increased to 20 pages! Today new information is also within half an hour to achieve the collection of recorded time so I wrote this article included a total of 53 articles, and just made a dozen articles soon included, a total increase to 68. The changes included 2 days this is part of the two level domain removed on the site a month is not included in the case after


may have some of the webmaster love Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng optimization suggestions inside some suggestions have certain doubts "I do should have little effect on it! In fact Shanghai dragon is details, you may feel little impact, but the impact is relatively large! I also with the fact that this point, so you must follow love Shanghai Shanghai dragon optimization advice > inside

Hello, the last time to share with the necessity of establishing the website article and method of "long tail word group today to share the following new column open two level domain name included the effects of

why write this article? It is because I often see some people in the forum of CMS question " column how to open two level domain name? "And so on and so on question! And I’m in the customer to do the optimization of time and when I started to contact the site, has also been keenly aware of new column open two the domain name included the effects of.

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