A network marketing the lazy wise remark of an experienced person

I do network marketing have been more than 2 years, first in the hands of Internet companies, dozens of stations, promotion day and night, the love of Shanghai every time a big update, the ranking is always on tenterhooks. Later I went to leave a car parking lock factory, responsible for the network marketing search engine entrance of this piece, the hands of only 3 sites, so often do optimization of soy sauce, but the effect is still good. Share a lazy operation method in network marketing taken by this paper.

as a general network company in writing the proposal to promote the customers will write will website ranking to love Shanghai, Google, soso, Sogou website front position. I think, do love Shanghai a can, 360 search rankings similar love Shanghai, and Sogou search traffic from very few. Google may bring in material science and technology, IT website traffic is slightly more, of other entertainment, enterprise station brings the flow is almost negligible.

two, a plan, a lazy lazy move

such as the traditional enterprise station, is now more fire WeChat marketing, micro-blog marketing, social media marketing even. WeChat marketing, mainly for catering service and entertainment industry more useful; and micro-blog marketing, is a purely platform branding company; social media marketing, for popular mechanical products, flashy without substance. So, from the method of operation, as the most important search engine and Taobao Ali entrance entrance. I was responsible for the search engine platform with ALI this one.

the next idea, the author directly related creative copy hot mechanical products, so.

do network promotion personnel lazy, love Shanghai auction is the first choice, followed by the 360 bidding. At present, the quality of bidding account the average score is 80, Samsung accounted for more than 90% words words, but the author is a new bidding auction to toss genuine goods at a fair price, less than 2 months.

any lazy, the premise is the hard work. If I have sex in Shanghai before the bidding, the more familiar to the Sogou bidding, and browse a lot of information in the bidding forum, blog, training institutions. The lexicon is based on the long tail of Jinhua, love Shanghai for the background, analysis of the company’s website for 1 years of data and compiled, basically covering most of the words in the parking lock. Therefore, the author of the thesaurus is perfect. Secondly, the author used to toss over the net, on the classification of words is sharp, the author put the account term point of view, the parking lock manufacturers is the field of bidding account share the finest and the most words, the account that the best quality of several manufacturers.


, always seize the key priority among priorities

auction ads

is lazy, but lazy in check. Do lazy network marketing personnel, to be successful, must plan step by step to achieve, or competitors so hard, you are so lazy to go beyond them.

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