Decryption good chaici and Shanghai dragon group of words are more likely to highlight the key value

why do you want to split word keyword, and remove the words and what kind of role? For example: if my lord key word is "Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon" and I can split into "Shijiazhuang website optimization Shanghai dragon" appears to be a keyword, but the search engine rules can be understood as: "Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon website optimization, Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon, Shijiazhuang optimization, Shijiazhuang website optimization, website optimization Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon optimization, even in such words and the website of Shanghai dragon optimization". We will have the invisible website keyword large, if done correctly a keyword will bring considerable traffic. In fact chaici optimization and the long tail word has a long-term effect: different approaches but equally satisfactory results show that the long tail word can be precise positioning of the user search, bring customers, just a little different is chaici can bring more long tail word.

: what kind of keyword applies to "split optimization"

in the process of optimized website, usually easy to produce a phenomenon: in order to improve the density of the key word description keyword but not completely reproducible, so the primary key of repeated long tail. In order to avoid AD, we take the word "Shanghai site construction" to the examples discussed, such as: "Shanghai website construction company, Shanghai website construction company, Shanghai website construction company, the long tail word Shanghai website construction site" by following the "construction site". Of course, this is only for 4 examples, but in many cases, some owners will often have a primary key for the long tail repeatedly on the website label, even up to dozens of times the frequency of emergence. However, in fact, so to increase keyword density, improve the optimization effect > Website

on a piece of content we mainly illustrates "split" display, in order to more intuitive understanding of what kind of keywords for chaici. In addition, the demolition function can also reduce the pressure of competition, more accurate positioning of the customer. As the above example "Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon", but the word "Shanghai dragon" long tail expansion. But because of the word of Shanghai dragon is too hot, not easy to optimize in place, so take a step to choose the word "Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon", but also a step back for a second, just more accurate positioning of the user group.

has a lot of value for how to choose keywords, but most of it is only how to choose keywords ", while ignoring the importance of the practical application of the" demolition of the group with the word ". So even if the keyword selection properly, optimization effect is good, but in the end will cause the development too narrow, even harder to do optimization is also not much substantive effect promotion. However, the reorganization will moderate resolution of keywords, and even the arrangement used properly, can make up for this deficiency, a broader development space to make the site keyword positioning after, this paper analyzes the following discussion:

two: what kind of key words for "word group optimization

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