The actual analysis of love Shanghai webmaster tools of grasping diagnosis tools

What is the

can be used 300 times per month for each site, grab the results only show the love before the 200KB content of Shanghai visible spider.

in "the bottom of love Shanghai Spider grab the results and page information", is to see the love of Shanghai spider to crawl the page when the code and content information, according to the result, we can see the love of Shanghai spider to crawl the page to see things, now the server security has always been a headache, perhaps when you don’t the website was informed, add malicious code and the black chain, because these are the hidden links on the page is not displayed directly, so many sites are black, the owners do not know, especially easily overlooked the content page.

three capture and use diagnostic tool skills

detection of Web site content to crawl is reasonable



from Shanghai and Spider love to grab the results page information, we can see that love Shanghai grab a web page IP address, the time for the download page, if your website recently replaced the server, may love Shanghai spider still grab before the IP page, you can use the "error" function, to remind the love of Shanghai through the new spider IP grab. Numerical download long is also very important, in the case of 4.851 seconds, this is quite a long time, according to the daily spider time of grasping the website weight given to each website is quantitative, download time longer, grab the page is less, so, by downloading the length value to adjust the web crawling rate. Can increase the amount of love grab Shanghai spider on the site, so as to increase the site included quantity.

Note: to use

1, detection of the web page to grab information

diagnostic tool

do Google optimization of a friend will not unfamiliar to Google administrator tools, Google administrator tools, "fetch functions like Google, now Shanghai friend welfare optimization sex has come, love Shanghai Webmaster Tools recently launched the" grasping "diagnosis tool, work through the function can better assist Shanghai dragon optimization here, to explain the function of usage and precautions.

can grab the results clearly see the hidden.

will add the URL into the grab diagnostic tools can be divided into the PC and the mobile terminal, you can according to your actual need to detect the page selection, click "grab" to grab the status update for the "grasping success", we can see the love of Shanghai grab page results, click the "grab" link.

grab a diagnostic tool, can let the webmaster see Shanghai spiders crawl the content from the perspective of self love, love of spiders in Shanghai to see the contents of the diagnosis, and expectations are the same.

capture diagnostic tools, the premise is your site through the verification of the Webmaster Platform love Shanghai.

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