Shanghai Longfeng orders should first establish the relationship between good friends of customers i


has a certain understanding of their own situation, pick up the single come more targeted, and now the next is to lay a good relationship with the customers, the best to become friends with them, and then talk about it more easily.

now do seem a lot smarter Shanghai Longfeng customers, many customers also have a certain understanding of Shanghai dragon, so casually talk to others is not likely to be successful, the Shanghai dragon orders before, we should give full consideration to the problems of their own, what to do and what the list price list right, what kind of list should give up etc.. After all, some popular keywords competition strength, just rely on individual is very hard to do, there is a strong team may consider, in addition to pick up some of the price is too low, one is extremely cost-effective. Many Shanghai dragon company or individual does not pay attention to this one in order, what are the next list again, it can receive certain deposit, but is not much significance to the company or person, after all, the customer is not a vegetarian, but they are a very difficult animal.

Shanghai dragon money can be divided into two categories: one is to do it yourself, the two is to help others to do, no matter what our goal is to be able to sell more products, more services, so that they earn more money. To help customers do believe that a lot of Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon has this project, whether a company or an individual station, Shanghai dragon orders are very important, the small woman was from Shanghai Longfeng orders clerk came, so for this or some of their own experience and methods, the following to share:

customers to have certain sense of trust, but wants to sign a contract, pay began to do optimization is often not easy, because they consider too much, will not be the first, is not a Swindlers Company? Secondly, whether the key words do go up, so as to bring these problems are often orders, they are most concerned about, this time we have to patiently for him to answer, I think the best way is to give them some optimization of the case, can even let him contact the customers themselves; if there is no suitable case, of course, sometimes we make up slightly, but it is not everyone both can be used.

want to be friends with them, the first thing to do is to let customers trust us, what kind of customer demand we have for his answer, many customers do not know of Shanghai dragon at all, ask what is the Shanghai dragon, how can let people fall in love with the sea to find their own website a series of owners think very stupid question. When you every customer answers carefully, he will think you are a good person, slowly will you have some sense of trust. Some friends are very excited, still not fully understand their needs to rush the price reported out, I don’t think it too, unless you are a more famous network company.

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