How to improve the user experience of Shanghai Longfeng need to proceed from the five directions

website development

: the first valuable content is the site of the survival of the

second: the stability of the site server space is the base of

website user experience optimization primary task is to ensure that your content is not valuable, is not what can be brought to the viewers. If we can take this into account, is the content of our website is to really help to the people we want to help, that is Internet users deserve our help, they will be very happy, will really take you as a friend, it will become the site of loyal users. Here we need to consider the site’s content of sincerity and the responsibility of the site, I believe we all love and a sense of responsibility for your friends and sincere person.

website now, everyone will think of Shanghai Longfeng optimization. Shanghai Longfeng optimization is a large range of concept, is the website construction, website operation details to consider, others say love Shanghai dragon is a technical issue, but I think it is in the details. The network tutorials will teach us how to optimize the site, how to analyze the keyword, how to optimize the keyword search engine optimization, how to achieve the overall network requirements and so on, we can learn a lot of tutorials, some say very mysterious, very profound, the official put it technology. For example: keyword analysis, search engine algorithm technology, search engine technology and so on. In fact, speak very complex, I personally feel that Shanghai Longfeng optimization is a very simple details, many of the so-called technology, we can through the details are constantly found in the observation and practice, we can pay attention to these details can become a master, you can cultivate a good website.


a little tree to become mixed day tree, the most basic requirement is the soil. If dry weather often, it has no water in soil, tree estimates will soon be burned when material. Similarly, if our site space is not stable, occasionally not open space, good website content, the user will lose confidence in him. If you can guarantee a good website content, rapid and stable server space plus, that your site will be more and more users.

growth is a matter of time and resources. Today we take Shanghai dragon to simplify, the optimization of the site can be divided into the station optimization and stood outside optimization, in fact, is the site of the search engine optimization and the user experience of the website optimization. We talk about the station user experience optimization aspects need to pay attention to, is very important because the user experience of the website, a website in order to grow there must be people and love, if not up to the requirements, then you don’t have to consider what the optimization, you can directly learn good writing soft to post it in the forum to flow too fast and too much. Today to say only to want to develop some ideas website, do not flow.

third: architecture suitable and simple and beautiful interface is the site of the basic needs of


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