How to put the site before three pages so that the top three

stability is the basic guarantee of the development of society is so, so it is optimal, when you find the ranking erratic should note that this is a search engine on the test stand, in this case, if you can guarantee the stability of the content, quantity stability of the chain, the chain of stable quality, stable trust the result is good, especially in the first three pages of the station, each station has a good chance to enter the home page or in the top three, see who stand more stable, a lot of people are more anxious at this stage, some have taken the cheat, the surge in the chain, fierce brush flow, the the method is not desirable, it is easy to brush their own no station.

a lot of optimization work is not easy, have a lot of work to do, the effect is not ideal especially for some hot keywords, if you pass the query index tool to the average daily volume in a keyword search about 1000 or more, this keyword belongs to heat word, sometimes this word is prone to the Lord keywords slow forward, finally get downhearted, perhaps you can then change the idea, starting from the long tail keywords, of course these long tail word are best including the subject, when good when all the long tail key word ranking are good, to make the subject easily put up with the main keywords.

said here about the degree of customer experience, usually we are telling the website to increase customer experience, to retain customers, while the old Cao said here is the real customer experience, if a customer came to the site, just open the page, stop two seconds off immediately, it can only be called not called a flow the experience of traffic. With the increase of flow experience is very difficult, especially in the rank of general, flow may be far below the ranking of good standing. But the flow is a basic guarantee to experience flow, increase flow suggest to adopt the way of formal ways, such as through forums, QQ marketing, industry station shops and so on, let others find the site in this way, not through the software brush flow, there will never be such a experience flow over, software is not software. To achieve real effect people.

third, efforts to enhance the degree of customer experience

there are a lot of methods of website optimization, different stages have different methods, such as website >

first, don’t mean to stare at the main keywords ranking

second is the hard truth, stable

is doing optimization ranking friends should know that a general heat word love Shanghai the first three pages should have little problem, just a matter of time, but do not just love Shanghai before three time, there are a lot of people skills, do for a long time, always follow the contents of the chain, the experience of the the principle, but do not always love Shanghai before three, which is why it, so how can the website had three pages so that the top three, which is not only to the endurance test, but on the skills and comprehensive ability test.

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