How to optimize the WordPress blog

structure in the custom structure

7. personal blog URL, please put the dynamic pages into static pages, in the background of the WordPress is set at the bottom of the left, there is a fixed link in settings, we write some

6. try to learn to add anchor text, regardless of the content page description text, or home page text in a text description, including of course Links, Links quality requirements, but not for quantity, of course, can be added to the appropriate link, but do not go to the bulk of your personal blog, if you really the mass, a short time may effect is very good, but no more than a month, your personal blog will never appear in the rankings.

How to optimize the

optimization actually did not imagine so difficult, as long as do a few basic elements, general ranking will be quite good, let’s not the highest ranking in the top ten, but can. So how can we optimize the personal blog, personal blog as we describe feelings and experience platform, competition will certainly a little weak, so we should pay attention to some small details can blog.

5.404 page must be good, a good website has 404 pages, of course, personal blog is sloppy, many things are some small details, but details form our Shanghai dragon optimization.

4. select a good template in the template page needs to have the latest updates, the latest comments and other modules, so that when you send a new article, page content is changed, it will remind the search engine home page has changed, can for reincluding.

the above seven probably contains a number of steps we should optimize the personal blog, of course, in fact there are many small details is to find out for ourselves to grasp, such as skilled use of plug-ins for Shanghai dragon optimization is also a big gap, as well as a good template can often play a multiplier effect, of course, only when we note the time.

3. in writing, long tail keywords to the attention of the appropriate add articles, and add the appropriate description text, the concept of things in the introduction, some of the content is completely complementary website rich in content, and some content of the article is to attract users to the protagonist.

personal blog steps:

Set the

1. in the selection of blog source code, I strongly recommend to you WordPress, because of its powerful plug-in is very convenient, optimization.

2. All in One plug-in optimization will be installed in Shanghai Dragon (can customize personal blog content page title, Keywords tag, description tag (LinkWithin), the content page to add the correlation between the links, to retain users at the same time, improve the description text web page content).

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