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I said before the body, or want to ask a question, you say Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, how many people really put Wangzhuan industry as their future development. I think there will be only a few friends nodded, because we just say that you want to use the Internet to make money, but for the future we do not have a detailed plan, not even hope, always think this thing can earn money, money we don’t have a. In fact is not the case, in my opinion, as long as we can exclude all Wangzhuan the "guerrilla" heart, do start Wangzhuan, leaving us still a lot of opportunities.

uses subdivision promotion to gradually replace small order

at the beginning, I suggest you do not think too much, too broad, say what I want to earn a month how much money, these are useless, and so mature, and how much money is no longer a problem. So for a novice, just entered this field, we need to do is to become familiar with the industry, and the pig Witkey platform can become our platform for growth, according to my observation, these platforms are different from the A5 forum for professional skill requirements is relatively low, as long as you have a passion for it you can get the appropriate Commission, not a lot of money, but we learn the whole process for their own Wangzhuan, continue to develop very helpful.

on the pig to eat in my opinion is not a reliable thing, because the task mode is simple, less reward service providers and cheat, events emerge in an endless stream, so want to do Wangzhuan friends if you want to go on long-term development, it is necessary to find a new way out for myself, it is relying on the existing platform of fine development differentiated service. Do you like the brand story in the pig, you can save early customers later this dating platform, set up his own studio, professional brand story

pig and other intermediary platform to get involved in the field of Wangzhuan

. Why do some quick filling shop can not keep long, went bankrupt, as we all know, the Internet is an arbitrary environment, no matter what you are doing on the Internet, perhaps because in my mind suddenly flashed a desire, will let you turned to the search for his information, such as watching the news, suddenly want to listen to music, suddenly want to see the weather, see the weather suddenly is an online game to attract your attention, so do Wangzhuan will face the temptation, if anything, it is very difficult to be successful operation of the project. So we must take a correct attitude, especially to improve attention, resist the temptation to prevent distracted in Wangzhuan related work, only to be single-minded professional.

. Second patient promotion. Do network fast charging can indeed achieve the dream of the profit is higher, very attractive, a fast charge as long as the shop early promotion in place, its profit is quite substantial, the success of fast charging shop monthly income of over million is very realistic, as far as I know, the success of the shop, not a hit, fame, but experienced a long period of low profit in the business early, because in the early because the shop ranked behind customers scarce, income is low, so, why then they succeed, it is because they do promotion, patience unremittingly such as paid advertising, sh419 Taobao promotion, optimization and promotion work, obviously also do the investment, it is more important to have patience, if only the promotion methods and skills without patience is very difficult Successful。

But in

with the development of the Internet, more and more friends to join Wangzhuan industry forums such as A5, pig, and a series of Chinese Witkey Wangzhuan platform has been more and more young people are familiar with. And now comes the graduation season, some senior mentees have yet to find the right job, so they put their career goals to Wangzhuan the industry. Because they do webmaster, using the Internet to make money, is not common in the circle around me, and it looks very easy, so there are a few years old man recently always mentees who ask how to make money on the internet. In fact, Wangzhuan industry did not you think so simple, you are not staying at home watching the computer will be able to count the money, had their own web site, do the second nest, in order to update the content, 2 points every night writing the pain now remember. But since they do Wangzhuan industry has been a few years, there will be more or less some of their own ideas today, writing this article is to share with you.

?The first professional degree and improve the operation.

contact Wangzhuan friends for fast charging network should not strange, fast charge some time ago by raise a Babel of criticism of the network hype, the size of the Wangzhuan station, forum almost everywhere such ads, the main mode of network fast charging is the mobile phone recharge, so far, this project is still prevalent, I expect a period of time in the development of the network the long fast charge will gradually entered the mature period, but the current situation is still in the development stage, because the long-term stability of the current operator of such projects is the most unstable, online spending habits at friends should have such experience, is now in the recharge, too a period of time may be closed again at the goods diverted, this phenomenon is relatively common, this shows that the current network speed market is not stable, Is still in the development stage. So, how should the network operation this fast charging Wangzhuan

third. As the saying goes: no diamond do not embrace porcelain live, do Wangzhuan the most important thing is to have their own "diamond drill". Why do you say, this one must master the most clear Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, advertising, advertising investment, said the people unable to hide greeds as if it were raining flowers, is overwhelming everywhere, can say is a liar, not necessarily. Which can make money, but one thing is the same, for example, is not free, and proxy >


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