Optimization of the five elements

describes the definition: description is the entire site, is also introduced the website or the entire page. We have always said don’t appear too much descriptive words in the title, such as the best, the first and 10 years of experience and so on and so on descriptive words, pay attention to what I say is not too much, one can not appear, said the title character in the search results page show is much larger than the description the use of the vernacular, a descriptive vocabulary, but also promote the click. Too much is wasted, the land location

!Four points

like the web site’s home page, the article page directory page, we are collectively referred to as ", so for some of the essentials of Web optimization, because a friend asked some questions about web site optimization today, so Zhao Yangang was summed up, and out to share with you.

two, "

The relationship between

a, the title is too long: for example, we search keywords, see a website title appears three points (ellipsis) this is because the title is too long, the search engine can not be displayed, causing the user cannot see with what is our title of

;The standard

page title: the title is the core of each page, each page is the key, in other words, our content revolves around the title launched, so we say that the title is the core points of "a little too much


, a web page titleThe definition of the ! !

B, Title: site name + page keywords, or page keywords + site name. General station is the name of the site on the front, because they pay more attention to the brand of

D and the title of the adjustment and weight: when we need to change the title keywords, weight allocation will produce, so we in the operation of Title keywords, either increase or decrease the keyword keyword, the relevance of keywords must to change around the station, the whole page to change the title of the more relevant, more easily the station or the information is better, and are conducive to the rankings, on the other hand, will have negative effects


description of the main points and characteristics: the description set keywords don’t batch. Most of the webmaster should know that the page description has been not to participate in the ranking of the meter >

C, the title of the weight of dispersion: the title weights are assigned? We give an example, such as the A web page title set 8 keywords, B web page title set 3 keywords. If the weight of the site of the title of the page is 20 points, then 8 key words A site distribution of these 20 points, the distribution of these 3 words and B site of the 20 points were compared, do you think A and B websites which will be more concentrated weight? Which disperse the weight of words?

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