The new network marketing tool fourth network marketing software

has a lot of today’s network marketing tools, update upgrade soon, at the end of February 2012, a new generation of network marketing tools — the fourth generation combination marketing software was born. It is the essence of SKYCC7 precipitation, through continuous tracking of search engine changes, as well as potential customers access to information sources. The most effective resources: such as search engines, forums, blogs, classification of information, Email, yellow pages together. Multi azimuth coverage extension, just a simple operation, can achieve the comprehensive network marketing advertising and website ranking effect. Of course there are a lot of industry website for your choice, the valve industry first station east Ou pump valve network is a very good information site release valve.

marketing software: the rise of network marketing in the initial stage, is to a large number of advertising messages of this website, so as to achieve promotion effect. The message of this marketing software verification code do not need to publish simple, fast. But with the rapid development of the Internet, the use of fewer and fewer people, and many websites need to send information and verification code to be phased out.

The second generation of

marketing software: there are eliminated, will inevitably have a rise, with the message of the marketing software slowly eliminated, program marketing software was developed. It is the link release into the same program website (such as network, blog network forum, OBLOG blog, LXBLOG blog, etc.) to achieve the optimization of the effect. Program marketing software with automatic registration, release, automatic identification code, the rankings etc.. But because the program type is too single, ranking is not stable, cannot achieve high ranking effect.

The third generation of ?The first generation

combination marketing software, then the first generation of marketing software, second generation and third generation software marketing marketing software is what

statistics, as of the end of 2011 Chinese users exceeded 500 million. Ranked first in the world. The huge number of Internet users, has brought enormous business opportunities. In the United States and Europe, more than 90% enterprises have established their own websites; through NNT network traffic to find their own customers to find products, it has become a habit. If the enterprise wants to buy what to buy for the first time, in particular, will carry out preliminary in the Internet search and selection, further contact with suppliers. Online huge consumer groups, especially the changes in corporate business practices, and provides a broad space for network marketing. Inter temporal nature of network marketing is undoubtedly a "heavy artillery", will have a huge impact on the whole marketing.

With the further expansion of the network of

marketing software: it is through the process of classification and integration of the second generation, the whole variety of program >

, with the further understanding of network marketing, and network marketing success stories appear more and more, people have begun to realize network marketing advantages and more marketing through the network.

According to Since there is a fourth generation

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