The ultimate PK user and search engine

consultant Black: search engine first, only good rankings in order to attract more users.

What is the role of the

a Webmaster: our site is user oriented service, should be user centered.

We Shanghai dragon

many webmaster, Shanghai dragon are talking about a problem: the website should pay attention to the user experience. You are content to let the user to convince, allowing users to perceive. Whether this will help them. Our website is the ultimate aim of user oriented search engine, even if the ultimate goal is to bring their users to our territory – website. The user is our magic weapon to win.

who is more important?

article, just guard and to explore together, we welcome criticism and.

search engine? It is the role of our website, we hope to understand the feedback information to all learners, just a tool. In order to customer service. Some people will say: no search engine feedback, to let others know how we know our website, our website, visit our website? Taobao gave us the best proof, it is the brand promotion mode added. Because the accumulation, we can put our.

You may not agree with this

regardless of which is right and which is wrong. We do expect the most is the site of long-term development, the hope is to promote the site can be profitable or brand. So what is the premise of all this? Is the user, is loyal users, interaction between the user is the prerequisite for the development of this Guardian agree with friends at a row of words: the establishment of user interaction between relations can make users real, people have opinions, feelings and needs. Among the users because the view is inconsistent, will produce debate, debate will have a desire to express, and your website is to express their place. For users to express their views, your site will naturally be original content, but also can attract more users to participate in the debate, to create more valuable content.

included site, ranking people happy and worry, today, an argument initiated by a webmaster let the guardian thought for a long time: our website should do two sets of models, a set of search engine, a set of user oriented. Search engine and user

for search engines, most websites rely on search engines to live. This is a popular type of search engine has become an essential book for each of the users of the know-all. Because of the absolute advantage, let more webmaster wish they could be on the list. No one asked bided fame. Our website is the same, the few people will know our site? When we play their own brand, launched its own industry advantage, naturally became known wurenbuxiao.

stood in a row: webmaster do not know Shanghai dragon is the best Shanghai dragon, the user is supreme, establish deep customer relationships will create value for the site, the path to victory.

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