Request the search engine on the web site ranking is not high also do not why

search engine requirements of website content must be original and in accordance with the user experience, in fact, this sentence will show a little understanding of the search engine is the content of the website is the webmaster to edit, and conform to the theme and content of industry websites on the line, in the face of this situation, as a webmaster to do this point very simple: an ordinary webmaster can not persist in writing every day, so long as in an average of 2 days there is a correlation between upload the original content to the search engine can meet the requirements of the search engine, the webmaster you say simple

In fact, the ?

general search engine website also requires hardware must be achieved, such as stability, stability, domain name host program stability and so on, there is no detailed talk, another reason to let’s talk about why we do not go on the website ranking. From the search engine on the web content and the chain requirements: search engine is not high, but 90% of the owners believe that search engines cannot meet the requirements are too high, and even played against search engine alliance information in 12 years. This is why

in fact, most of the webmaster is lazy, originally before a site update takes only 5 minutes or manual operation and automatic updates, now need the webmaster, this is the fundamental reason to boycott the webmaster of search engine, and now most of the webmaster are aware of the problem, so have love that according to the Shanghai website but now a lot of Web site optimization, the ranking is not able to quickly move forward, and update the chain and the reason for this is the site of the update than the same industry website, at the beginning of this article mentioned.

search engine for web site outside of the chain to nature, the signature of the chain link, etc. is not suitable, this is more simple, do not go to those link website information, don’t let your site appear in these sites, in addition to the signature to delete, after time outside the chain to some industry website or portal websites, but also to nature in a chain of content, is not to replace the contents of some novels and this is the basis of behavior of the website operation, not wrong.

? The

search engine home only 10 natural ranking position, coupled with the effective flow position on page second is only 20, but now whether it is hot or cold industry industry, its website a few thousand, more than 10000, do you want to make your site difficult to appear on the home page under so many website competition. Although the search engine is not high, but the stationmaster must strengthen the requirements of the site, let site competitiveness as soon as possible.

search engine to the requirement of the website is not very high, from the beginning of the 12 year of the Shanghai storm began to love Shanghai love now, search engines have also disclosed numerous information and the information from the existing algorithm, and algorithm of love Shanghai search engine on the web is not very difficult, many owners also have to Q: since the demand is not high, why the rank of the website also do not


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