School Shanghai dragon Er site to drink on the milk again

1, completes the competition of

2, do

3 page optimization

competition is the best partner, do most afraid of is that a head shot, a brain fever, skip competitors, start Pidianpidian station, especially for the selection of key words, eventually lead to two results, one is the key to the home did not flow, two keywords to the home page is not wanted. So do the research on competitors is the first step in Shanghai dragon and Phoenix, research competitors from the search engine ranking results, the basic situation of the competition site, competitive structure of website.

put a ditty: This paper mainly focuses on how to optimize the site planning, and yes, Shanghai is a commonplace talk of an old scholar Longfeng, an article in the wood Shanghai Longfeng blog, wrote: "for so many years, why do people still do the same thing in the same post," Huang Yiqiang blog also has deep feeling but, people so I asked, "how to choose the site keywords, the chain how to release…", can only say that this big circle, where the sun does not shine, so if you are Shanghai dragon success, it will be a trouble to you move Lu Songsong blog, the owners of the house, the tiger sniffing network, love Shanghai 100 see more Internet information, will not delay your valuable time.

woman to a man’s heart is through his stomach, website to seize the user’s heart has to grasp the needs of users. Page optimization refers to the content of the article, is familiar with the word around it, however.


chicken or the egg, this is a let people scratching their old puzzle, but for the website, the website structure after the first page optimization, it is clear, must first lay the foundation for the optimization of the site, should pay attention to several aspects of website structure, good user experience (accessibility and browsing experience), good website structure (breadcrumb navigation and clear navigation), search engine friendly (static URL, less JS, more HTML), reasonable allocation of weights (using nofolow), if you do not know to start the webmaster, can give the blog very happy to answer your questions.

September, is a year of school, a small rise in young, small rise early, early rising high, high rise research, grad, spent the first summer vacation is not the first, and no holiday winter vacation are slowly coming, the school canteen dormitory no we’re no longer "teacher, not named" lend me copy homework under the "" don’t play LOL group class, "" you played truant again "" 60, "long live pass", but the website ranking dropped quickly to see "the chain released" no "performance how to complete the" really is a natural one, have to open the "Shanghai Dragon pattern", bitter day began, Shanghai dragon Er to drink milk to do site.

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