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of course is generally used more cookie tracking, in fact, room for improvement in this area is still very large, if the Tencent micro-blog really can do according to user needs to achieve precise push, with strong ties in social networks, when the estimated to be beyond the search engine advertising value, become the Internet website the value of advertising. Look at love Shanghai this channeling day action, love Shanghai 1 to 2 now Scindapsus algorithm, algorithm to spark program origin. A series of algorithms is an important role in upgrading implies the future content in which the share of the premium content is the premise to ensure excellent advertising success, soft Wen will produce more and more important in the future network promotion effect.

is now advertising in our life everywhere, go to every corner of the city is everywhere advertising, these ads are hard advertising, advertising is to hurt the user, are extremely difficult to produce the value of advertising. In fact, in the early stages of the Internet is so fun, go to the website which is also full of nasty ads, even you have to find the contents of Bakai advertising. Due to technical thinking is not how developed, it is generally common advertising a big picture advertising portal. But after so many years of development of the Internet portal is obsolete, the portal on people less and less, the value of advertising is also more and more low. Continuously advanced advertising display mode and means are driving these ads into the phase out period, we must recognize the future form of advertising.

love Shanghai 2 soft promotion algorithm against Scindapsus, I saw several cases for the love the sea I was depressed, it is also called soft? That can only be said to be in the news source to advertise it, it can be called soft Wen is really insulting text the word in my opinion. Real news is to let users imperceptibly stuck in it without knowing it, thought it was a very interesting thing, thinking driven by the user’s purchase of the spread of the brand or product. The most famous in soft in a case of Hangzhou 19 building site planning a classic marketing case, almost as long as the school too soft, people know that such a case, if like the soft article in advertising will be search engine punishment? I do not think so, not technically logically speaking, is not, because it can make people interested, let a person do not.

ads in the future I will be more content and the fusion boundaries of advertising and the content itself will become increasingly blurred, perhaps the future of advertising is the most cattle itself is very valuable to the user content, general manager of Tencent micro-blog division Xing Hongyu said, not to the Tencent to become part of micro-blog’s advertising the information read, and hope to establish a relationship between content and advertising. It allows the user to see the information can be more natural to see advertising, and even the purchase and consumption of desire. In fact, there is another word: what is the definition of good advertising, we just let the ads appear in the wrong place so called advertising, if it is in the place that users need information should be called.

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