Summary how to determine the degree of difficulty of keyword optimization

fourth, included the amount of love sea. Love Shanghai included the amount reflects the number of pages containing a keyword is love Shanghai included, the higher the level, so that the keywords more heat, and even more difficult to do long tail keywords.

we all know, Shanghai dragon is to optimize the keyword function, either the core keywords or long tail keywords, are needed after consideration of its own characteristics and technology, and the ability to edit their own website and the combination.

keyword optimization is difficult to judge the extent should proceed from the aspects of


how to know ourselves and know yourself? It is necessary to master the judgment of keywords to the difficulty of the optimization ability.

such as the core of what we do is: Dalian website. If you want to change the construction site keywords can it? Of course, but want to row in the home is very difficult, why? Because the frequency of updates with their own strength and website and other comprehensive consideration. So we will fight.

sixth, analysis of the top ten websites. The weight of top ten websites, the number of pages and the directory page, these are to be considered. The higher the weight of the site is more difficult than they want.

you an example:

second, confirm the long tail keywords. In general, the website optimization in the early to set a keyword thesaurus, from core keywords to the long tail keywords. We determined these keywords, will optimize the content and the chain around the thesaurus, from the beginning of the long tail keywords. Because of the long tail keywords is easy, the weight accumulation of core keywords through the weight of long tail keywords, this is the solution.


third index, love Shanghai. Love Shanghai index is reflected by a number of search keywords every day, the higher the index, the greater the amount of search, so it is more difficult to degree.

a lot of friends in Shanghai Longfeng optimization process, are not judging edit keywords optimization to the extent of the situation, this time will make your work very hard without flow. The site continued access to the flow, then any work site is useless, so, how to judge the difficulty of keyword optimization has become a very important job.

fifth, the website home page. The number of the first page of the site determines the difficulty of the keyword optimization. If the home page or the first three pages are the front page of the site, so the difficulty is difficult; if the home page or the three page of the website is a lot of industry portal that will be more difficult.


first, confirm the core keywords. Key words represent a site of main flow, who want to have a maximum flow of keywords. The core keywords choose several candidates, and understand their business scope, if the business scope is not up to you, don’t try to choose keywords without regional.


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