Shanghai Dragon King is the content strategy of Shanghai Dragon King

1) new on-line site, adhere to high quality content

two: writers submitting, incentives


a new website, there is no way to find a lot of high-quality external links, the content itself is less, so I want to have a search engine’s favor, the only way is to increase the quality of the original content for the web site. Only the quality of the content, in order to get the search engine trust. The original, unique, high quality content, is the only chip to a new and some big site competition. Especially with the increasing number of sites, the amount of information more and more. If you want to talent shows itself in terms of content, only two ways: one is bigger, the amount of information website is huge, in an area of an industry in all the sites, the most abundant of the web site, updated daily content up to two; it is fine, although the amount of information website and no similar websites, but the content of the site quality is very high, most of the original content.

content can lead spider, so quality content is to keep the spider the best thing, what is the content, is the website provides articles, information, products and other related content. The main reason is the search engine website Web site provides users love the content, through the search engine included the content page, keyword analysis, to provide users. A website is only a large number of high-quality content, to lay a solid foundation for Shanghai dragon.



: a website to release professional content

is the commercial nature of the site, you can invite some professional editors to join, some famous writers, to write industry related information, such as some professional website, such as the Pacific computer network, pcpop贵族宝贝 IT professional website in the recruitment of staff, editing, but there are certain requirements for writing, more important the editors of products on the IT view, these professional editors published daily product reviews some aspects of the article, can effectively guide the user to choose the right IT digital products.

for new sites just on the line, want to quickly get attention, do more than do fine original content, get the essence of how to get

if it is the personal website, so in the selection of the site should be subject to choose their own good, if the webmaster is expert in the field, so the content of the website is completely no problem, can automatically publish content creation. Stick with it, is the largest source of power development website. The renowned Shanghai dragon master ZAC, start a blog from 2006 to April, every one, about the Shanghai dragon and network marketing idea, it persisted until the last updated daily original content, due to the publication of books, blogs update frequency was decreased, and even over several months not update, but site in love in Shanghai "Shanghai dragon" keyword ranking is still strong, visible original charm.

If the

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