Easy to do the site outside the chain of high quality Three inquiry platform

B, Search ask the question and answer. I think that this is the two platform is very good, especially Soso Ask, weight is very high, although we see in the fall in love with the sea on the front page of the few of these problems, but it is still very common in Google, sometimes we can rely on to Search ask a lot of traffic. There is a good question and think how fat on how fat, no restrictions, but the bad thing is it is slow, but it is great that the reprint rate is fairly good, there are a lot of people do when the acquisition will included you outside of the chain.

has one thousand kinds of ideas for the hearts of one thousand people, each person in the questions of the platform will have a different focus, I usually focus on love in Shanghai know, though not necessarily is the mainstream, but the effect is still good. A Q & a platform are the main Search ask the question and answer, YAHOO knowledge hall, Iask, there are many small quiz platform website, if we want to do inquiry platform outside of the chain, there are still many places to mining.


Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. In front of me to give you wrote two articles "done easily site outside the chain of high quality: a" blog "done easily site outside the chain of high quality two: BBS signature", mainly from two aspects to introduce us to do some aspects of the chain need to pay attention to the site, then today I to share easy to do third aspects of Web site outside the chain of high quality: inquiry platform. For Q & a platform, you may not too strange, there are many webmaster rely on Q & a platform for a fight out of heaven and earth, and today I explain how to use our quiz platform for our website to create a high quality of the chain.


2, how to do Shanghai know that the chain of

Q & a platform

C and other inquiry platform. For the rest of the inquiry platform I do not much, before you have tried Iask, feel very troublesome, also tried to answer 39 questions, search room net, quiz, are in fact the inquiry platform good, if you do the chain without direction, you can try these platforms, and all the weight is not included good.

A, love Shanghai know the highest weight, after all, is a product of their own, he gave his own weight must be higher than other sites, do not you see how many keywords home we have love in Shanghai know, don’t you know how much we love Shanghai grab traffic, even some keywords home is full of love in Shanghai., let a person see indignation, but sad.

for the love of Shanghai know that many of my friends were summed up this kind of method, for example, when answering questions from a way by ourselves, there are a lot of experience, such as integral brush, brush grade, more than 3 numbers to leave these links, of course if you experience, for a period of time can be found out that which we do not say. Here are some of my love in Shanghai know the link >


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