Shanghai dragon Er how to maintain the stability of the site keywords ranking in Shanghai

third, the website structure and good user experience. This is our website ranking whether one of long-term factors, the search engine not only to provide a good experience and will increase the weight of site related industry site and professional website for users, because the industry website or a professional website, they not only in the aspects of user experience to do better, and the structure of the website is also remarkable, good website structure including site navigation clear, navigation. In accordance with the physical path to grab a spider web content and logical path, clear the two level directory page and the article page. "

second, the stability of the web server and the space. This is one of our most basic stable ranking the most direct embodiment, why? First of all, we all know that the search engine is all to the user experience as the core, do not accord with the optimization and practice of user experience will be eliminated, a consistent user experience of the website, a comparison of the quality high degree of stability of the server site, first is the search engine judgment basis of credibility index, we think the site arranged to the home page, but can not open the website every two or three days it will greatly increase your bounce rate, bounce rate is too large within the search engine can accommodate more than the scope of this idea it is the search engine to the user as the core of the conflict, the decline in ranking is no doubt about it, secondly, considering the spiders to crawl the website, The spider will according to the update frequency and time on the site, visit our website to develop fixed habits, but the process of spider visit, found the site every two or three days downtime, visit the web spider in the path frequently blocked. These two factors add up to this server will directly become the most direct cause website ranking is not stable or even disappear.

first, the content of the quality and frequency of updates. Careful friends can find the website updated almost every day quantitative timing, behind the author will bring out the site we can see, why should we do this? We all know that love is a search engine spider in Shanghai small program updates will be through the Internet connection and crawl to the site every day, on the Internet, new things, so regardless of the site snapshot or stable ranking continuous updates is the key, we only produce high quality, cultivate and attract spider trust on our website and fresh feeling, one of the important factors of these two factors is our snapshot update and website ranking stable.

as the Shanghai dragon ER as everyone knows, improve the site in the search engine performance is one of the ultimate goal of our pursuit and hope to achieve, but after I found that many friends get ranked on the site soon no foothold, ranking as the sea waves fluctuated, very unstable, people often say Dajiangshan easy sit Jiangshan difficult, that is true, how to make our website ranking in an ideal state we want? According to the author’s own website optimization experience and we analyze how to maintain stability in Shanghai love web site keywords ranking.

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