A neglected but important link of Shanghai Dragon

refers to the bottom of the page footer. Now the link in the footer is also very common, can also be placed in the footer links to some keywords, usually refers to the site footer link management function.

fourth: breadcrumb navigation

The following

reasonable website internal link structure can make search engine crawler better index the content of your site. Only if there is a web site navigation and site map is not enough, also need the various elements in the web site and files organic link up to form a complete and reasonable site link structure, let visitors can in a very natural way to browse all the information network station.

for text links, you can use the anchor tags and keywords. Such links form mainly appear in the text of the page, of course, can also be placed in other parts of the website, is a prerequisite for these links must be related to the content of the page.

: second footer links in

Reprinted from: 贵族宝贝yosite.net The so-called

third: inline text links

practice tells us, now the search engine attaches great importance to a website internal links, so we do Shanghai Longfeng work should make full use of the site within the chain to promote Shanghai Longfeng effect, but also according to the important text and keywords to create a reasonable network station chain.

The construction of the chain of

inline text links usually appear on the page, for example, is the text of the article, these links are usually the name or description of the link object.

breadcrumb navigation is a way now more commonly used, each page has a clear navigation, the navigation bar can let visitors know every moment in the site location, do not let your visitors get lost.

please indicate the source! Some of the elements of

unisignflex Shanghai Longfeng for everyone finishing provide the most effective form of several internal links:

: the first text links

the most important link is the website. This function is used for internal links between the site within each page Jump, the internal links and website navigation is different, he basically belongs to the natural site links page.

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