The medical website internal optimization suggestions

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medical website keyword must be important, the main keywords can be placed in the home, secondary to the key words on the page.

chain, inside the chain increase included weight gain. Keywords can add regional word

three, medical website keyword distribution rules:

3. can be established Links columns, self-help connection function, attract other sites active peer link.

2. home – sub pages: home page anchor text links to sub pages, is conducive to the increase included.


1. – Chain Home: enhance the weight of the home page and the spider to site snapshot update.


two, medical site keywords have light weight:

medical network almost too fast for 2 years, in the 2 year period, on their own is a process of growing up, learning a lot about the network operators, network marketing, website optimization and promotion of medical knowledge, such knowledge is valuable. Site of the Shanghai dragon strategy can be divided into internal and external optimization optimization of two parts, so the medical website, following the analysis on the optimization of the internal need to pay attention to the local medical website.

Optimization of the internal

, a medical industry has its particularity, belonging to the service industry, but it is different from other service industries, I believe many of my friends will do some modification of keywords for their own station, such as "how much money do, XXXX xxxx".

1. with high weight correlation heights station Links, such as medical portal site links, increase the weight of the site, of course, the general had to spend money.

like similar keywords hospital site is difficult, even if be included in the ranking is not very good, but these words in the "love Shanghai" and "know SOSO ask", "love Shanghai Post Bar" and "39 Health Network quiz", "120ASK", "Sina love" platform the ranking is very good, if you want to do these keywords, can take into account the above platform to do link! Besides the quality of these links is also very high

four, Links medical website:

3. – Page home page: direct link address, can increase the weight of the home page.

4. – Page sub page: increase website PV, help to improve the conversion rate of the page, improve the user experience.

medical website

2. Links exchange, can arrange regular staff to do this work, set a quantitative index. (a group, Links exchange exchange platform through the medical Links exchange website)

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