The main points of the chain need to pay attention to the design of

three, the chain does not require the number of fixed

we are in the chain when the design must understand the implicit demand of products and target users, or when we design the chain and the chain is easy to adjust in violation of the rules may, according to their own subjective to the random adjustment within the chain, directly caused by the user for chain click experience decreased. So when design within the chain don’t let their subjective thoughts to influence us most probably it did not actually happen to the user demand contact judgment.

single chain general rules recommendation list is within the chain for a minimum of 0, more than 7 highest not. Because the general users in Article 7 within the selectivity is the strongest.

in the number of chain we don’t require fixed quantity and is fixed, if the fixed is equivalent to the needs of users. How much is the number that within the chain? We can not in the chain, if there is no implicit demand or we cannot meet his hidden needs of users in this position, and we offered him within the chain, users will only choose to click or leave, we are unable to change the behavior of the user, it will directly affect the the whole experience.

webmasters may have some misunderstanding in understanding within the chain, the chain that as long as the correlation between the recommendation can be placed on the top, generally the user is based on keywords and our website title to click to enter our website or page, click to enter after the text is used to solve the problem of core users, within the chain it is used to solve the user contact demand. Users enter the page after the addition of rigid demand and the dominant demand will continue to exist after contact, so don’t we do most probably it did not actually happen in the chain to add.

For The

, on the chain overall understanding of

inside and outside the chain chain is affecting our website based scoring a very important, some of our webmaster may pay too much attention to the construction of the chain which ignores the good design of the chain in optimization, which may lead to our website on the basis of scoring will not go, will directly affect the ranking of words. A chain in the end how should we design can be more conducive to the user to search engine, today for everyone to share a few design within a chain.

we will be repeated to think we target the needs of users, according to the requirements to determine what we need in the chain, when the text solves the main needs of the user, the user and the invisible demand, we think the number of hidden needs repeatedly, and determine the number of us from the chain.

So the quantity of

four, in the order of

. In the design of chain not subjective

chains in our list of more than two is, we must according to the number of logic and user needs to arrange the internal chain list, the user needs more.

chain is to click on the page the user contact demand reflects

Two, chainIf

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