The influence of several source site snapshot

five, domain name age

Two, the content of the website

above is the author summarizes several aspects of the site snapshot, hope to help everyone. This paper from the original, it is free of the www.zhenmianfei贵族宝贝 starting A5, reproduced the need to indicate the source of

is a website to have a good ranking, high flow, we must do the work of Shanghai dragon, know that the webmaster, site title, keywords, description is the need to pay attention to, avoid keyword stuffing.

four, the website of Shanghai dragon

is a website with the domain name age on the final, is a snapshot of the impact is not great, but the old domain snapshot recovery than it did a short time domain to be fast, especially the weight is not high, the domain name K is more obvious.

three, the website structure

The The

, a web site is presented to the reader or machine is first, like a man of high degree, no ability, not equal to work in. The content requires a little more than the chain, certainly not a small number, quality also need to follow up, the best is original, not recommended a complete copy, as caused by the network content repeated flooding, The loss outweighs the gain.

long time no write text in the A5 journal, today is prompted by a sudden impulse to write an article, casually, write well, please do not laugh at! Website snapshot, there are about love Shanghai, Google, soso, Sogou etc, most of the webmaster attention is love Shanghai snapshot, this snapshot makes some people sometimes happy and sometimes sad. What is the root of what impact the snapshot? Where? Who’s going to think, talk with eloquence everywhere. I can also count on an old webmaster, the size of stations have done a lot, all the webmaster encountered problems, I may have encountered, symptoms to cure, the root below you and I take a look of love in Shanghai.

chain is the external links, the chain of high quality and quantity is the dream of all the owners, but I want to say is the chain in essence no more, pay attention to quality. There are no absolutes, mainly to see how to define the "more", 50 or 100, according to the careful observation, the old station, the number of the definition is high, you can observe a lot of the old station, there is no burden.

site structure, we should all know, now most of the site is modified through a variety of templates, the need to pay attention to the structure of the website is to make clear, otherwise it is detrimental to the website. If you don’t change, the greatest impact is the snapshot.

, a site outside the chain


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