Love is love Shanghai home to Shanghai’s future in occupied Shanghai Longfeng platform


high quality publicity indispensable news source

love Shanghai skill is the search technology platform, because there are many other derivative products, to provide quality services for users to search, the target is faster, more accurate free search service! Hot topics "Ya’an earthquake" let the search engine to provide the latest news more, love Shanghai "Ya’an earthquake" keywords 10, home location is love Shanghai occupy 6 of their own platform, so the search results, let the webmaster can find where Shanghai Longfeng trail, where the future of Shanghai dragon

social networking platform to interact


with the impact of social networks in the lives of Internet users, micro-blog social more and more attention, a hot topic makes it easy for users to achieve interactive, interactive marketing mode of large, easy for users to generate viscosity, improve the success rate of Shanghai dragon after optimization. The frequency has micro-blog social platform in the love of Shanghai home more, micro-blog marketing success stories are also many, why many small businesses do not use micro-blog. How does the enterprise with a hot topic to hype themselves, rather than blindly copy and paste others. First, enterprises should understand the potential customers in the second? To understand that the company can give.

"Ya’an earthquake" keyword search in addition to love the Shanghai news, the returned results have related news, Sina News, if you want to do business in Shanghai Longfeng when using the press and expanding the scope of marketing, news platform is indispensable, into the sources of news content will soon be released to love Shanghai, home good ranking. In "Ya’an earthquake" as an example, Shanghai love home 3 news occupy the position, for the marketing of enterprises, can use the hot topic, on their own business marketing hype.

from a hot topic at the search engine returns the results, in addition to the 6 love Shanghai’s own platform, the rest of the community is the micro-blog platform and news source, so the search results for owners living without really. Even the webmaster will love whether Shanghai will "kill" Shanghai dragon, love Shanghai itself requires Shanghai Dragon technology, so it is not possible to abandon the Shanghai Dragon said, webmaster want to long term survival in Shanghai Longfeng community, reasonable use of love Shanghai platform can do Shanghai dragon chicken marketing model

authoritative Wikipedia entry in the search engine results is very high, there can be more authoritative proof at the value of the enterprise, can have the love Shanghai entry enterprises can not only obtain official authority, entry can also be brought to the site into a relatively high rate of flow. Wikipedia allows the product to have the definition of information more comprehensive, accurate and objective, can bring the effect of publicity to the enterprise; chain entry inside can not only improve the user experience, increase the spider crawling depth, also can let visitors more in-depth access.


love Shanghai Encyclopedia of the authority of the official entry of



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