How to make web site keywords optimization in the short term to quickly see the effect of these do n



two, avoid keywords pure acquisition

wants to make the customer satisfied, you have to come up with satisfactory results, which is the most critical, so, if can make the customer satisfied? Is to let the user site change, this change obviously in the short term, let the other side can feel your strengths, it may be difficult, because of the many users is covered at the attitude of the website optimization, for very little money, but also want to see results, the first impression is very important, so, only in the website keywords efforts.

website optimization is a "job", especially professional Shanghai Longfeng optimization, if in the short term does not allow users to see the effect of the site, then the other side of his face is certainly not good, the Internet is also a relatively impatient world, a lot of enterprise network, and hope that their website can have a change in turn the world upside down overnight, just like the day the stock limit, this is simply impossible!

, on the site itself to find the problem, effectively modify the

Some friends said Keywords

a lot of lack of experience in website optimization is flawed, so, when to take over the site, the first to do is on its own web site testing, such as the theme of the website and content with the rules, the search engine will love websites that are irrelevant to the theme of the website, it is like this. That was something else, this website not only cause the user antipathy, now the intelligent search engine will be through a series of algorithms to reduce website friendly. For example, the code is too long and messy. The website code is too long, and out of order, will produce a lot of confusion that the spider crawls, and even hinder to the spider crawling.

keyword is optimized, requires a lot of content to support, either inside or outside the station, how to find good content, through the collection is a simple and very good way, while keyword optimization, if take the collection way, good can be key.


website optimization is to optimize the key to make the site target keywords, get better ranking in the search engine, so that more users can search keywords to the site quickly, and by understanding and cooperation and business transactions, so as to realize the value of the site. Keywords optimization well, it is not a good optimization, A single word of gold.; may also be a loser. So, how to see the effect of keyword optimization in the short term



, looking for the website itself there are some complex ah, why are you so sure the website itself is a problem. Gehangrugeshan, from past experience, some people do find Shanghai Longfeng optimized website more or less sites have such problems in their own, but also directly on the website of "trouble", users are more convinced of your


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