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love Shanghai encyclopedia explains: "the network is to promote the use of the Internet for promotional activities."

is from Shanghai directly on the Encyclopedia of love, I think network promotion is a project rather than a job. Or that the whole SEM is a complete project, but the network promotion absolutely to occupy the main workflow of this project. Just as your content and high quality, your page design and elegant, Shanghai dragon level you again superb, your code and standard, no network promotion behind the waves, the site is like a ship with no power boat on the sea. There is no power control, only with the waves drift, and the consequences are as can be imagined. So, the author thinks that network promotion should be the most thought now, the author mentioned in "medical SEM network series hand", "should not let more people know your site, but should let people know the most suitable for your website." This sentence, I think it is the bounden duty of the network push. How to let visitors know your website? How to make the most suitable visitors know your website? If the network is to promote the ship, it must be dynamic can discern the direction, otherwise blindly to the site to the non audience visitors, as the boat went straight towards the bottomless abyss, never turn over the day.

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network promotion, SEM promotion personnel to medical team almost all should be large. Rely on a large number of manpower, material resources and time to accumulate, this method is almost universal strategy. Since there is a reasonable, I do not want to criticize or try to change the situation, but we really know what is network promotion

issued a "medical SEM network series hand" in February 2nd, a friend told me that it is very difficult to implement. Here do not explain, the most direct is that if it is a truly qualified network, have skills and abilities, is far from a few articles can generalize the complete. All SEM jobs are from the net origin, eventually will return to the starting point to network coding.

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I think, here the use of the Internet for promotional activities ", should be able to fully understand the various promotional activities in order to make full use of internet. Don’t expect the editor can assume the promotion responsibilities, the responsibility of the editor is rich in its content; don’t expect Shanghai to take on the responsibilities of dragon promotion, Shanghai dragon responsibility is better in the longer that the site in the search engine to live; do not expect can bear up bidding promotion duties are the responsibility of the bidding for most users may change the most close to the transformation. Network promotion is the network promotion, does not belong to any.

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