From the Bible to optimize the nobility baby Shanghai Longfeng Enlightenment 1


is a very noble baby Optimization Bible’s article, but when I see it will have the new harvest and found that their network of contacts with the increasingly long time, views on some things also quietly changed. So again today reading Optimization Bible, has caused a lot of thinking, but also learned a lot of things, so we used to share with you my views. This may be a bit long, need to separate the hair.

"the best is as small as possible, maintain at least a 5K below 10K. Sometimes this is hard to do, but we have to work in this direction. Think about "what can be reduced, which can be lost, a function in the page that does more harm than good. If the problem is to think clearly, for small and medium enterprises or personal website, should lose weight for the page.

is the site of the domain name, a good domain name is very conducive to the user memory and communication. Some hard to remember, the length of the domain name will not allow users to input more interested in the address bar, can be simple for users, it is as simple as possible, only the value of creative, is success. As for the domain name is not included in the key words, this is not too important.

has the potential of a brand name

The The

100 high quality content

Continue to update the



A name card of The Continue to update the

website after all depends on the content, only high quality content will arouse the reader’s interest and sympathy, some of the content not essential will not get users attention and appreciation, so the website updates, we must update the valuable content to users. Mai Wenwen believed that a high quality content to more than 10 articles speak generally content. Of course, 100 pages of high quality content is not the end point, which is just a starting point.

"location and density" details

website is as simple as possible

if you stand in the perspective of a search engine, a web search engine can do is to let the spider crawling more smoothly, to spend the least time to crawl and index the most page. At the same time the user is also very important. If the site is too much use js, pictures, flash, affecting not only the loading time, it will ultimately affect the user’s mood, so that customers lost.


content of the side for you now or in the future of the user, the other is to search engine to crawl and index. For users, you may not know that he would search engine what keywords to your site, so try to prepare some relevant keywords, and mining and in-depth research, with these words as the center of divergent thinking. The overall development of the site is beneficial and harmless.

page size should be moderate

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