Shanghai Longfeng practice 2 let Web search engine friendly

search engine on the main process of "analysis, is divided into clear functional blocks". As the text block, block links and telephone block, independent advertising block etc.. And it is to determine the ways such as: see how many words, see HTML code form, text content to Natural Language Processing to understand and so on.


search engine program is not in any case, may be perfect judgment on the Internet so many different web pages in different situations.

is the first article in the series, Shanghai dragon should be mentioned on the basis of data, and slightly expanded to write some data preparation. Although the data is very important, but its role is only auxiliary: find the problems and summarize the improvement, as a reference factor in decision-making, but can’t be separated from the existing Shanghai Longfeng method and exist independently.


in the HTML code, the best to < div> tag to indicate every important block on the page, and each of the major < div> they have a < h2> or < h3> tag specifies the block theme. This approach can make the expression of each piece of content on the page more clearly. Especially for search engines, it can do this by < div> to make clear how it went to "block, and through a small title to understand this block belongs to what kind of properties, which determine how to calculate treatment.


Of course, the black hat

how to make search engines can more accurately understand "

is the theme of this paper is how to make the website to the search engine friendly, this is a very big topic, after several amendments, finally decided to only give an example. After all, the search engine technology covers too broad, the corresponding need to website technology has a lot of, an article in any case most referred to the tip of the iceberg, it not only to find a more representative example, the rest of your own expansion.

is the most typical product information page:


is not within the scope of discussion of this series of articles, so in the two articles respectively how to search engine and user friendly.



and Shanghai Longfeng method should be divided into two or four: make the site to be search engine friendly, make the website user friendly to the search engine. If we consider the black hat Shanghai dragon means you can add additional two items: the search engine think website search engine friendly, search engine friendly user website mistaken for search engine. A bit of experience in Shanghai Longfeng, can be summed up, to see if there is any way out of the Shanghai dragon four point category. At least I never see.

An example of

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