Two years to change the B2B platform for SMEs

for small and medium enterprises, e-commerce to do nothing more than two magic weapons, a search engine, the two is the B2B business platform, while in China the two main basically are the domestic giant Internet Co occupied the domestic Baidu search engine, and B2B business platform we all know that we are familiar with the Alibaba. In the development of the Internet today, the last two years Baidu has said to the change, and in the B2B platform, China is now B2B commerce platform has entered a quite chaotic moment, regardless of the B2B business platform of domestic emergence of the number and quality of the platform, only a few, can really achieve the effect of then the 1-2 platform can bring tangible results for us, and the effect of the rest of the more is to enhance the overall exposure, you did a lot more search engine The better, because you can find your product to a greater extent.

two years ago B2B status

the past B2B platform, although there are many, now due to the increased amount of users, and for the platform users browse more or a few mainstream, we are very willing to buy information through B2B website get enterprises to follow up, do B2B platform business can not be denied in the two years ago is somewhat profitable, but it is very obvious effect of B2B enterprises are relatively limited, because many are some of the companies in registration, each product can be found to match the company is not too much, but in the B2B enterprise also rarely receive attention, some of the many users through the platform to find the enterprise even products are not, so to some is not too big, is a difficult but the opportunity to focus on the Internet enterprise, it is precisely these opportunities the achievements of many small and medium-sized enterprises. Exhibition.

two years after the B2B platform status

and now B2B platform has entered a rather chaotic state, want to gain more and more enterprises through the B2B platform, and the real effect of the platform is also less effective customers.


1, the increase in the amount of user speed

users increased speed we can use a lot of reference platforms are able to get the answer, such as Baidu index and so on, can according to the users in 2 years ago and now the data do some comparison you can basically understand the status of the whole industry, in fact, most of the products concerned about the amount of the increase of users speed is very small, but in the market many products belong to wait-and-see situation, so a lot of enterprise customer information products fell, are in fact relatively normal, hope to be able to correctly view.

2, B2B site increase speed

for now, domestic Alibaba effect basically many enterprises through the platform effect is not ideal, in order to obtain better results so the cost and manpower will be very different, and now the B2B platform is more inclined to the vertical B2B business website, a lot.

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