Four factors to pay attention to e commerce

Ma Yun said: " do not do e-commerce, five years later you will regret, this sentence is right, ", people will be more and more now to online shopping, online shopping as a habit, even as a vanity < if a friend asks you, before you say no online shopping? If your friend will say you OUT, do not believe you can try to say


let’s talk about the establishment of e-commerce conditions:

1, diversified products: the first one is the diversification of products, why do you say that? If we do e-commerce only product today, that you will not feel very dull? But we all know that in twenty-first Century, the property is in excess, it is the production of products, can not sell go, if you don’t get a good marketing strategy, it means too many products, and is a good product too much, some even good products nobody knows, no one knows, do not know if you agree with me?

how to achieve the diversification of products? Be able to do like WAL-MART? Be able to act for a lot of quality products? This is the first condition of electronic commerce, this not, the electronic commerce is also deceptive and not two kind, you say is not it? It must be we must find ways to proxy to hundreds or even thousands of products is super agent company to cooperate, we can hope to long-term development, and even to the development of the world to agree with me to reward, thank you. A little greedy, not everyone is greedy, this can not blame me, we say it is


2, a perfect gold flow system: what is the perfect payment system? A lot of people do not understand, including me, began to do not understand, slowly understand, I know what is called a perfect gold flow system, it is able to pay on the net directly, can be directly in the online world the settlement payment, many people say that I am looking for Alipay, also can ah, yes, it looks like, but Alipay can recharge, if you get profit directly into your bank account, that Alipay requires you to operate, if the operation is such a is too much trouble. One is for others to think this is not a real e-commerce.

e-commerce really need to be able to direct online recharge, can also direct the profits or cash directly to your account, do not need to go through the third party, this is the real e-commerce, we think it is not


3, perfect logistics system logistics: many people say, find a courier what are solved, that is really good, but some logistics do not have direct delivery to the house, that is to say, to a place you get, we say is the world, including some domestic remote where, since to do perfect logistics, it is necessary to do direct delivery, this is the most basic requirements, so to do the real e-commerce, logistics delivery to the house.

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