Gome online 618 mobile terminal turnover increased by more than 813 6% of the total accounted for th

June 18th 0, Gome online sword 618 peak war hot war, caused by the consumer panic buying craze. 18 PM, Gome online first released 618 stage report. According to statistics, from 18 to 10 points in the United States, the total amount of online transactions rose by the United States on the same period last year, an increase of 306%, double sales last year, double the value of 30%. The introduction of the most concern is that the United States online mobile terminal transaction volume increased by 813.6%, accounting for the total station of up to 61%, which has become the mainstream mobile phone sales in the current B2C electricity supplier accounted for the first breakthrough in the electricity supplier of the year 60%.


According to Huang Xiangping

, vice president of the United States online revealed last night, Gome online mobile terminal appliance panic buying is very hot, 3000 yuan price of large appliances is user favorite products, for example, 2999 yuan to grab a limited TCL49 inch 4K Ultra HD TV, 10 minute burst sale 5000 units; Haier special privileges, buy air conditioning send 40 yuan bill, also once again stimulate the consumption boom, Haier 1.5 inverter air conditioner 2499 yuan has become the best-selling star for the United States online last night; Hisense 43 inch Full HD smart TV 1999 yuan to grab a limited, only 1 hours was berserk more than 1 thousand Taiwan; the United States MB60-V1010H 6 kg washing machine 618 yuan grab than the Jingdong, low of nearly 200 yuan and 3399 yuan; the new GREE big 1.5 P wall energy-saving inverter air conditioner, 4658 yuan iPhone 6 explosive goods have greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of consumers to panic buying." Huang Xiangping said, which once again pulled up the average price of Gome online mobile terminal, by 2500 yuan this year, 3.15 big promotion, has jumped to 2700 yuan, once again set the top five B2C electricity supplier of mobile terminal customer price record.


Analysis of

data Analysys report: United States online, Jingdong, suning.com SKU compared to

the United States online home sales records behind, is the embodiment of comprehensive strength. 618 on the eve of the big promotion, the domestic authority of the consulting firm Analysys think tank released a research report entitled "Chinese appliances development". Gome online in the appliance category richness, big cooperation depth and breadth, price concessions, logistics services such as the four core indicators, beyond the Jingdong, suning.com home appliances become the overall strength of the first online shopping platform. The report shows that the category richness Gome online appliance is 2.2 times of the Jingdong, is suning.com’s 1.5 times. Since the beginning of June, the United States online washing machine and refrigerator two categories, the discount rate is the lowest in the home appliance business platform, the Jingdong to rise significantly in the two category of commodity prices. In the United States online TV category advantage, the overall price is far lower than that of the United States online Jingdong and suning.com.

as of press time, the Jingdong has not yet announced the 618 battlefield data. Industry insiders said that the 618 Jingdong invested heavily in marketing, invited Nicholas Tse and Li Na all star cheer, but.

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