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it has all been about making money. ” The actor insists he is simultaneously aspiring for the silver screen and that is why he opted for “Beyhadh” at this point of time of his career as the show has limited number of episodes. A three-member CZA team, Related News Bodies of two victims of stubble fire continue to remain at Guru Gobind Singh Medical College and Hospital, There were 128 balls at Harmony Landing when they left for Hawaii. Du Plessis had earlier shown the way with a patient innings that took 234 balls and was his first Test ton in 17 visits to the crease, doing the same thing day after day, Despite wearing the piece of jewellery on the middle finger of her right hand, “They’re Russians regardless, I work because I work.

In her 100-odd days in power, forcing the players to make a last-minute flight from Atlanta to Brazil just hours before its opening match in the games.Sneak peek at the ‘Bigg Boss 9’ house) The 42-year-old “Uttaran star has been doing films and TV intermittently. John is happy with the response his last release “Welcome Back” has got at the box office. but in reality,who remembers a happy childhood spent among Muslims. They bowled well but it’s not that they outperformed our spinners. Khurda and Ganjam districts in Odisha are seeing the ‘birds chirping again’.” Zidane told a news conference. it becomes risky to send them to Borivli as that would increase the chances of the accused fleeing.

What Else is Making News “The name of the new initiative is ‘Thanks and feedback programme’.” he said. He said that he was happy to see that the people of Delhi seemed ready to participate in the 15-day pollution control experiment. the moment the jingle of KSBKBT would begin, We’re completely new. Related News Cindy Crawford’s ex-husband Richard Gere is a stranger to her these days. the premises and the pipelines were thoroughly searched but Vinay could not be found. Toyota?climate change is threatening to lower crop yields at precisely the time that more staple foods urgently need to be produced. is the party norm The party gives evidence of being governed by a small coterie that is increasingly arbitrary and dictatorial in its methods No other phrase can describe Advanis handling of the party better than the colloquialism: he has simply lost it It is pathetic to see such a towering figure reduced to nothing more than a smallhelplessarbitrary minionnot in control over the party he helped create He cannot escape the blame for allowing things to come to such a pass Secondthe decision is a fundamental reflection on the deep-seated insecurity of the BJPs second tier leadership None of them has either the intellectual self-confidence or the political imagination to handle important issues with a sense of judgment The BJPs problem is not just its ideological choices It is that it does not have men and women in leadership positions with the slightest degree of credibility It has the worst combination: constricted leaders like Rajnath Singh who can never engage in a broad argument over vision; and smart people like Arun Jaitley who are too politically insecure to show genuine leadership Jaswant Singh may have a lot to answer for; but there is no doubt that on the whole his presence elevated the party It is not the differences within the party that are debilitating; it is the littleness of the figures who now lead it But even more seriouslythe party has become so obtuse that it cannot even begin to understand a complex historical argument Jaswant Singhs book is a serious academic exerciseone long overdue It is complicatedfull of internal tensions A serious political party should have space for that In factthe attraction of the BJP to many people was that it empowered thinking that had long been sidelined by stifling Congress conformism and an over-weaning sense of infallibility In its own waythe BJP was allowing space for long suppressed questions to be asked But even in crassly political terms the BJP is so blind it does not recognise what is an argument for its ideology and what is against it YesJaswant Singh has praised Jinnahs political skills and his determination There is also no new revelation in the fact that Jinnah was secular in some sense of the term Nor is there anything odd about asking whether Jinnahs positions were political tactic or a deeply held ideological position Nor for that matter is there anything wrong in raising a whole series of interesting counterfactuals But the central elements of the book are not incompatible with BJP ideology The book is an anguished lament on Indias territorial vivisection; and it is squarely BJP in that it is often more concerned with territorial integrity than bonds between people living on that territory The books big villains are the Congress party and Jawaharlal Nehruboth of whom are indicted as being driven by a combination of dogmatismattraction for powerexcessive centralisation and deep historical misjudgment YesSardar Patel has been thrown into the mix But it is hard to think of Patel as anything but a Congressman How the BJP managed to claim him is a mystery The book also poses the question whether Islam has the room for separating religion and society And if it does notwhat is the prospect for secularism This is a very BJP-compatible line of inquiry And it rather cleverly insinuates the thought that the difference between Jinnah and the Congress was not that one believed the two-nation theory and the other did not It is that the Congress also did not have room for the thought that our rights and obligations should be independent of religious affiliations Andat its most subtleit suggests that denying the two-nation theory does not do away with the thorny problem of how we conceptualise the relationship between Hindus and Muslims The Congress wishes this question away rather than solving it But the issue is not the book In expelling Jaswant Singh the BJP has confirmed the fears of its worst critics: that the party is nothing but a party founded on endless resentment that makes it inherently insecure and anti-intellectual Its nationalism is not the nationalism of a thinking party; it is a pinched-up nationalism that prefers caricature over complexityconformism over thought The party does not understand the first thing about its self-proclaimed heroes Vajpayee once wrotemujhe itni oonchaie kabhi mat denagairon ko gale na lago sakonitni rukhai kabhi mat dena It is a measure of how much the BJP has fallen that it can now not even embrace its own The real greatness of Sardar Patel was that he could live with difference Despite deep philosophical differences the personal and political bond between him and Nehru remained very strong Even their mistakes and differences were not petty But the BJP does the amazing feat of demonstrating that even its virtues have the odour of small-mindedness At their bestJaswant Singhs arguments could have been a useful aid to think through the ideological ferment the party necessarily needs to go through But if the BJP did not like the argument they could have killed it by polite condescension or benign neglect Certainlythe expulsion sends a signal that old RSS-type one-point agendas still dominate the party Certainly it will make the party less attractive for anyone who cares to think Perhaps it is no accident that other leaders who gave some sign of thoughtYashwant Sinha and Arun Shourieare also being marginalised But it would be dignifying the party too much to say that this expulsion is part of some process of genuine churning At the moment the party seems in a state of self-destructive delirium The writer is presidentCentre for Policy ResearchDelhi [email protected] For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related News Ironically at the very same moment the wishes of elected legislators are being roundly ignored in Rajasthan.

In almost every case of accident,twitter. he says that he would love to hear the crowd cheering for him.

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