Experience of 90 owners earning 1000 knife

Hello! First introduce: 90 boy, home in a small Guangxi, born in May 91 a few months at least 18 years of age. Do stand course: in June 2008 to contact the site today to receive 20092 GG nearly more than 10 thousand knives. I hope you do not laugh at me, because I have been groping.


website for about a year, has been in their own small circle always do stupid. From June last year for the first time received a GG120 knife to today, a total of about 10 thousand or so earned it, when GG or a group of friends to help apply. The two genius Admin5 station network, to tell the truth although I is a webmaster, but have only recently heard of station network, found that there are so many people on the site, and you want to talk, so I couldn’t help it over two days to write a few words, webmaster people interview, I stand, take the initiative in terms of something, I hope you don’t laugh at me.

I was a novice, mainly to do non mainstream sites, popular words non mainstream pictures of a station I have been on the first page. I want to learn Admin5 here is the exchange place, not to vent private stuffy and attack others. I hope this place always filled with human styles. So hope brother we do not say that I am AD, because we are doing the station, talk about is the site of interest, can’t AD.

this is a digression here entered


first talk about how I included a little experience on Baidu website

first: think about your site, and have a clear understanding of what your site is going to do.

second: according to the content on your site and what to do, write two general articles, to include picture (picture must be stored in your website) and text links (text links must be greater than your keywords as my key word is: "non mainstream" can I get mentioned in the "non mainstream pictures" this word and you website hyperlink)

The third step:

and then go to the original Baidu high weight website and forum, etc., some of the large forum, the content and your site’s theme is roughly in line with the AD target, so as to arouse people’s interest, to top posts, to reprint (your perception and skills needed here is simple)

fourth steps: completed, and so on. So, there will be a lot of blog and websites, 3 days after you get a lot of pictures and text communications outreach, Baidu in 5 days of normal recovery. To help a friend to do a lot of stations, but also to do a number of charges, the general 2 days on the collection, the delay is included within the 4 days) and give you the weight will be very good. These} soft, but also with the passage of time and a large number of reprint, you get the outreach will be more and more, some site keywords will do with the soft key link in two months back.

to do so, picture + text links, and the article is highly targeted

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