Shop real name system for the full implementation of Taobao Baidu support

From April 15th

to participate in this competition has been 81 days since, in this game I also experienced a lot of ups and downs, joy and sorrow. From the first day of the game, they are learning and progress. Especially the small female HQ Bo excellent experience fell from second to one hundred when Baidu Baidu over that period of time, can be said to be the test of my time, data, analysis of the reasons, modify the error check every day, insisted every day. In July 1st, Bo excellent ranking rise again, also made a lot of friends put the same question to me: the little woman HQ you up again the excellent, want to listen to your


today I summarize a few points to share with you:

, Bo excellent (any website), need to learn the relevant data analysis of their websites and other peer sites, to find their own shortcomings or find the innovation gaps, open up, give yourself a optimization plan.

the Bo excellent game, many owners have done a good job, a lot of people just want to question why they do so well? And ignore by themselves to analyze their data, may be able to draw a conclusion. I like you just started to analyze the top 100 excellent, seriously to analyze, from the structure, the content of the article, update frequency, soft frequency, the chain in the chain of frame frequency and so on, or how many might be able to analyze some reasons.

, of course, in the analysis of others also need to seriously analyze their own, look at their deficiencies and shortcomings in these areas. Combine to make some optimization steps, step by step, such as I fall right after the analysis, add the robots file to modify, Bo excellent site keywords, Links dump cause changes, small Bo excellent ranking woman HQ: add 404 page optimization strategy and so on, this series is right down at the excellent post.

two, more contact with the Internet, to accumulate their own network of resources.

As the saying goes,

friends of the way to go, do the Internet work, find a friend to help a friend chain is common. Especially just contact SEO’s need to expand its network of resources, you can go to the specific industry expanded from QQ group, community forums, micro-blog and other places. Do the excellent many links are friends or single their understanding in contact with friends when the excellent Friendship Exchange, an indispensable chain optimization of the


three, practice than theory. SEO in the process of learning a lot of theoretical knowledge when they can not understand, try to test their own practice.

down ranked a lot of friends on my Bo excellent do the analysis and speculation, he analyzed many reasons. For example, if the website keyword density is too high, for my friends stand little to say may be a string of excellent chain position in there, in order to reduce the keyword density, I do Links modify, add notes to Links, observe two days send >

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