Royal Anber build China’s first amber electricity supplier trading platform

2014 in the jewelry industry can be described as a special year, amber raw material prices soaring, the industry known as amber. In this year, the birth of a number of new jewelry companies. These emerging enterprises may obscure in the jewelry industry, but in some special consumer groups, has made remarkable achievements, great reputation. For a peek at the maturing of amber jewelry business, the Sohu reporter interviewed a number of issues with the representative enterprise the "Royal Anber" Mr. Rao Min CEO.


Royal CEO Anber Rao min

reporter: May I ask you to introduce us to Anber,


Rao total: Royal Anber by several of our overseas background of the 80 students to create the amber jewelry brand, our team to 80, 90 based. Anber, the royal family of fashionamber, was inspired by a beautiful story in ancient greece. It is a beautiful myth of love, amber as a symbol of beauty of happiness is to move every young men and women, so there was the creation of the brand idea

reporter: Royal Anber amber jewelry trading platform specifically what is the function of


Rao total: This is a network trading platform, using B2B and B2C model, customers can directly order and pay through this platform. The main function of this platform is to butt manufacturers and end customers, reduce intermediate links, saving time and communication costs, improve efficiency. At the same time, we also provide customers with comprehensive services. For example, the optimization and improvement of the function of the platform, the integration of industry resources, centralized feedback information, etc..

reporter: before I see the site is basically amber jewelry, I ask why not do a large class of jewelry trading platform, but always choose to do a single class of amber amber jewelry platform?

: the original Rao total without too much consideration, like what to eat, what to eat, starting with their most love and most understand, this may be related to the nature, understand and start from their most love. Europeans are free and casual, so amber is very popular in europe. After returning home I come into contact with many domestic peers, their life is too heavy, but I don’t think it’s necessary, life should be set, let it bloom the beauty of nature. So, you see our team is very sunny, full of youthful atmosphere.

reporter: I can see that Rao always likes amber…

Rao: yes. I also occasionally DIY, and then collect. Love is the first factor. Amber resources is a non renewable resource, each piece of material from cutting to the finished product has its unique historical charm. Russia, once the largest producer of raw materials, has banned exports of raw materials for the past two years. Burma too. Can not help you do not cherish.

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