VANS has declared bankruptcy to be closed shop BELLE acquisition

VANS will be the acquisition of BELLE, the news spread throughout the spring festival. In the know almost, micro-blog can see such a picture: VANS was acquired by BELLE, the first tier cities VANS has been removed from the cabinet to do self shop, after January, regardless of the factory goods genuine, counter genuine will be full price.


for this, the reporter contacted the VANS China and BELLE international aspects of verification, as of press time before the two sides did not make an official response to the message. But now it seems, VANS did not appear in the first tier cities large-scale withdrawal of the cabinet phenomenon, and rumors do not seem to coincide.

, a staff member who worked in VANS also told reporters: we have never got any internal wind, VANS performance is growing every year, I estimate that the rich will not sell VANS". Similarly, for the news, insiders hand where Weifu group will not easily sell VANS, but on the other hand, BELLE is still in transition quagmire, I am afraid it is difficult to successfully acquire.


owns Lee, NorthFace, Timberland and other brands of the parent company VANS Wei Fu Group, for $396 million in 2004 (2004, equivalent to approximately RMB 3 billion 278 million yuan) of the price of the acquisition of VANS, has now opened more than 700 stores in the world. Revenue from the VANS data, in 2015 the global sales growth of 7%, the United States maintained two digit growth, growth in Asia is more than 20%, sales revenue reached $2 billion 200 million (equivalent to approximately RMB 14 billion yuan in 2015), the parent company of Wei Fu Group accounted for 17% of total revenue in. Obviously, VANS has become one of the four pillars of the group.

Wei Fu Group as a veteran clothing giant, in 2016 the overall performance of the group is not optimistic. As of the third quarter of September 2016, TheNorthFace, Timberland brand sales in the back of the two, only VANS can maintain high single digit growth. In order to maintain the level of profitability, Wei Fu group before the end of August 2016, completed with Israel retailer Deda Guy Ley group’s $120 million (about 800 million yuan) of the transaction, the sale of sustained losses in the state of the contemporary brand business, the business includes 7ForAllMankind, Splendid and EllaMoss3 brands.

although the day is not good, but the sale of the group performed well in the brand, it seems unreasonable, and rumors of another protagonist, BELLE, is still facing a difficult transition situation.

‘s former shoe king BELLE sales continued to decline. According to the 2016 annual report released by BELLE international shows that as of fiscal year 2016 in February 29, 2016, the group’s total annual revenue of $40 billion 800 million, net profit of 2>

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