On the sea Amoy a head on blow Many sea Amoy milk can not pass the Chinese standard

July 29th, CCTV consumer advocate "program broadcast in micro-blog, and today’s headlines and the platform released" global 19 best-selling sea Amoy milk safety detection! Mother! ", said from the beginning of May 2016," consumer advocate "program group successively by Jingdong, Taobao, Tmall mall website, Mak purchase import baby honey bud mall and imported maternal sale website, bought a total of 1 infant formula milk powder in 7 countries of the 19 popular sea Amoy brand.


program group will be the 19 sea Amoy milk samples sent to the national food quality and safety supervision and Inspection Center for testing, after discussions with experts, to determine the "mineral" and "vitamin" and "pollutants" these three indicators as the detection content. 19 kinds of sea Amoy milk mineral detection results, of which minerals are sodium, potassium, copper, magnesium, iron, zinc and other 12 kinds. The result is that 19 kinds of foreign milk powder, there are 8 samples of iron, manganese, iodine, selenium measured value does not meet the food safety standards in China, the sample failed to reach the rate of 42.1%.

article a, caused widespread discussion, foreign imports of milk powder is not necessarily good?

selling sea Amoy is fancy security, but it must be right?

article on the iron, iodine, selenium, manganese four elements do a detailed analysis, particularly concerned about the mother, mothers can be seen from the portal to the original. Here’s a simple test:

iron detection, the United States more than the number of Chinese milk powder content limits. The United States does not regulate the content of iron on the line, but because of physical reasons, China provides the upper limit of the content of iron, long-term intake of excessive intake of infants may lead to vomiting or abnormal liver and kidney function.

is a Japanese low iodine content of milk powder, the iodine content in Japan near the sea food is adequate, breast high iodine content, so the Japanese did not make provisions on the iodine content of milk powder. But iodine intake is important in many areas of China, which may affect physical and mental development.

selenium detection, Japan and South Korea four milk powder content is not up to the Chinese standard, because the lack of selenium in the northeast, so there is this standard. Lack of newborn will affect mental development, resulting in cardiac hypertrophy and other diseases.

manganese element, Japan two milk powder content is low. Lack of neonatal bone and visual development.


program experts suggest that careful direct scouring the sea directly to buy foreign milk powder, can be imported through formal channels of foreign brand choice for China is the big foreign milk powder, according to the standard China modified milk powder.

CCTV program, some people criticize someone top

integrated the above point of view, the most controversial point is that Chinese on neonatal milk standards are not the same with other countries, but the experts also indicates that the above provisions enacted, which led to the situation of China needed trace elements are not the same. So it’s a foreign bestseller

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