Honey bud won the 2015 most influential APP awards in the first certification industry


3C once a year of heavy industry awards: the 2015 annual most influential enterprises "selection results announced the day before, the domestic well-known cross-border electricity supplier maternal honey bud was named" the most influential mobile terminal APP award. Won the prize together with WeChat, Tmall, today’s headlines, etc.. As an essential parenting tool for mobile phones, you download it?

is reported that the most influential technology companies selected by the Beijing morning news hosted by the prestigious media industry in beijing. "The most influential enterprises of science and Technology Award" covers many areas of the Internet, home appliances, digital, communications, electricity providers, this award is divided into science and technology enterprises APP, 3C products, home appliances brand three categories, provided by Analysys International and PRC companies supporting data, and publish industry report on the award ceremony. This year’s awards ceremony will be held in January 12, 2016. By then, the top executives will all be present to witness the birth of the glory of all walks of life.

honey bud formerly known as honey bud baby, formally launched on March 2014. The company was founded less than 2 years, the rapid completion of the 4 round of financing within the next 18 months, becoming one of the fastest growing domestic electricity supplier companies. At present, the market value of 8 billion 700 million yuan of honey bud with the market valuation of China’s cross-border electricity supplier, maternal and child electricity supplier double top. 2015, honey bud won the annual online retailer user satisfaction TOP10.

According to the

Review Committee, honey bud line on the App side has one and a half years, GMV accounted for climbing, the latest data released in December 1, 2015, from the App terminal sales accounted for 97% of overall sales of honey bud. In addition to the awards, honey bud APP also has gains of the 2015 annual "China good application", "Customs Application Award" and many other awards.

about honey bud APP, mom how to say

honey bud APP, easy to use. Since the pregnancy in the above Amoy things, quality assurance, is a very good baby mall, worth recommending! "- the small cold noodle

"as a half years old baby’s father, I have been scouring the cheap honey bud baby products, now, there are a lot of parent-child tourism projects, idle away in seeking pleasure a dragon!" – Bobbi Chen

"every day honey bud has become a habit, APP can easily find what they want." – sweet bean sprouts

"new experience is very good, hope to continue to work hard!" – flying fish

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