Groupon mode domestic network group buying market is difficult to scale 3 years

recently a new e-commerce model in the industry to discuss the warm, because its representative site is the United States Groupon, for the time being called Groupon virtual buy. If the network is divided into two groups to buy and buy virtual reality, then Groupon is a virtual buy on the whole, but in the way of doing business innovation. The basic difference between virtual reality with the consumer group purchase group purchase group purchase website in the selected project and get a certificate of payment, enjoy by virtue of the group purchase group purchase discount, members are required in real time to focus groups. Wang Xing team and in March 3rd officially launched the United States Mission network, and Wang did not do as well as school and rice, the United States Mission model completely imitate Groupon. One day a group project, limited order, limited to the minimum amount of purchase, currently only launched the service in Beijing. Discussion on this type of Groupon virtual Buy mode can look at this article: U.S. mission network, Groupon risk, Copy must be cautious.

In fact,

network group purchase in China has about five years time, fence net, six nets and so on site has begun to take shape, some B2C and C2C sites can be partially involved in the network, but in the domestic group purchase is still small. I believe that before the end of 2012, online shopping in the country is difficult to become a big climate, which is determined by the nature of the network group buying and the structure of China’s Internet users. What is the development of Chinese group purchase site is facing difficulties analysis as follows:

1, economic benefits V.S. mental cost

A, the network user selection hypothesis: group purchase only based on economic considerations, not considering the non economic factors; B, users spend in the same online shopping group purchase project time is equal, which is T; C, with a network of group purchase project for Internet users to bring the economic benefits (say C1) are equal.

C1= economic benefits; C2=E*T= mental cost; (E for Internet users of the aging wage)

when C1> C2, Internet users will choose to buy online. Because T and C1 for all Internet users as a fixed value, then the smaller E C2 smaller, more easily accept the network buy. Therefore, at this time the choice of Internet users mainly for low-income groups.

when C1 = C2, users will not choose the network group purchase. Because T and C1 for all Internet users as a fixed value, then E larger C2 larger, more difficult to accept the network buy. Therefore, at this time to give up the choice of Internet users to buy mainly for high-income groups.

2, netizen structure

according to CNNIC in January 2010 released the twenty-fifth China Internet development report shows that more than 55% Chinese Internet users in the monthly income of about $1500:

if a simple comparison of the above formula, it seems that this Pyramid shape (the bottom of the low-income residential network) of Internet users to buy the network structure is huge

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